Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stories in Seven Blog Circle | May

Time for another edition of Stories in Seven!

While cleaning out my pantry, I found in the very back on top shelf in my walk in pantry Sidewalk Paint that I bought almost 2 years ago! So I took my boys outside to play in the yard and I surprised them with this exciting activity.  I set up the paint set and told them they can paint the sidewalk.  Well the paint wasn't showing up the best, so I told them they could paint the house.  Skyler eyes got huge and said "Oh My Gosh" which is his new favorite saying.  As you can see when you scroll through, they had a blast!

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  1. Those wee Superman undies kill me. I love the shot of the roller dripping in paint. My kids would be all over a messy activity like that!

  2. The roller! You have such a knack with catching the shine and depth of color! (and those undies...eeks!)

  3. OH MY GOSH...I just love these so much. The boys look like they had a blast. Love the last image. It feels so timeless.

  4. Ahhh these are so fabulous!!! Love the detail shot of the roller, and their still kind of baby bellies too <3 Beautiful Jenny!

  5. Oh my gosh so stinking cute! I love this!