Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why everyone should do a 365 Photography Project

Have you been too afraid to start a 365 project because you are scared of failing? I know the feeling. I will not lie and say “it’s a piece of cake”. I actually tried doing one in 2013 and after 5 months I quit :( I kicked myself for quitting. But I knew when I started back again in Jan 2014 I would see it to the end and here I am just completed my first 365!!!!  This project has been so rewarding, with that I am not stopping,  I’m going to continue on and see what 2015 brings me.  Through out this year I have learned so much.  When I go through my year, I can see I love to capture details.  Instead of always being far away from my subject, I like to get up close.  Capturing those chubby hands, messy hair or their tiny feet.  I have seen my editing style become more fine tuned and my time working on images is much faster.  I believe in getting the picture right in camera vs fixing it later in Photoshop.  The biggest thing that made this project easier is realizing not every image will be a wow image but they are all so special to me!  I have taken the stress out of capturing my images, I shoot for myself and my family, present and future. With these images I capture, I create albums for each of my children each year.  So they can look back on them with their children one day. 

I realized as a photographer and a mother I love the real life moments.  Don't get me wrong I love a good portrait, but I actually struggle with getting those.  Capturing my daily image, I have been able to show my family, who live thousands of miles away, the bond my kids have for each other, their personalities and craziness that come through my images.  Some of my family have never meet them but they feel like they have through my photography page and that makes me happy!  Every person who does this journey has different outcomes but for me it has been very rewarding.  I have discovered my voice and passion for documenting my children’s everyday life.

A major key I believe to being successful with a 365 is finding a support system.  Whether it’s a friend or a group of strangers, someone that is doing this project with you will help tremendously!  If you can’t find a group, form your own and people will follow! When I first started my 365 project, I joined a group that was 6 months already into their project.  The group was amazing but when I hit my 6 months mark they were just finishing theirs and the group became dormant.  So after a week or two, my sister and I asked on Facebook if anyone knew of a 365 photography group we could join.  We were flooded with all these responses “ No, but if you start one I will join”. So we did!  And I’m so thankful for them.  

A 365 photography project is much more than just taking a picture everyday.  It can improve your skills, help develop your eye, find your voice and style.  And most of all, capturing those moments that you might have passed upon. So why not give it a try!

Helpful tips: 

  • Take your camera everywhere don't worry about what others may think. Take that picture vs being hesitate of the strangers around.  
  • Keep it in hands reach.
  • And make sure you turn your camera off... I kill my battery a lot due to forgetting to do a simple step like switching to off!
  • If you struggle with what to shoot or losing creativity hop on Pinterest or google ideas    there are loads and loads of different types of themes.  Try a new technique or shoot in a room you don't normally go into.
  • Even if you feel like you can’t do it anymore or having the urge to quit, push through it! 
  • Don't stop! You can do it!!!
  • Remember why you are doing this project in the first place!
  • Most of all have FUN with it!

Some of my favorite images from my 365 Project













I couldn't do this all without ...


  1. This is so inspiring!!! Love the post and the images you used! Terrific!

  2. Can't wait to see your project blossom next year!! <3 I can't believe I'm on week 5 of mine so far. I hope I don't quit. I stopped after 5 months as well.

    I would say another tip is to find a prompt list. That has helped me a few times, but with this move I haven't run out of too many things to photograph.