Tuesday, December 10, 2013


My name is Jennifer, my friends call me Jenny. I enjoy the simple things in life and seeing beauty in what people wouldn't normally find beautiful. Coffee is my vice; I drink it to wake up; I drink it to start my day.  Starbucks is my secret addiction!  Can you guess what my favorite color is… You guessed it right PINK! 

I am a mother to three wonderful children who are the center of my world and have a supportive husband by my side for over 16 years.  He provides for our family, as an Army Helicopter Pilot, so I can have this opportunity to stay at home with my little ones.  I love a lot and without restriction. Capturing memories of my children, Chloe, 7, Skyler,2, and Liam, 1 helps me to document the small details in life that later may not be remembered. 

The simple things- things most take for granted, yet are important in the brief moment they are here. Children grow so fast, before you know it they are graduating high school, going to college, and starting a career and family of their own. I want to be able to turn back time, see them as they were little, and enjoy each smile, tear, and milestone as it happened.  I can image my future with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren telling them stories as I flip through my photobooks while sharing laughter and tears.

Too often we as mothers, fathers, parents take for granted the moments we have with our children. The first steps, the bumps and bruises that come with those first steps, the favorite toys that get used over and over and the joy that comes from them, the silly dances, the first loose tooth, the places we have lived and call home.

I am excited to share my crazy beautiful life with you! I hope that I can inspire others to start doing the samething as I do everyday!  Capturing these precious moment one click at a time.

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