Tuesday, December 30, 2014

365 Project | Week 52

Christmas has come and gone and what a joyful time we had!  This is my favorite season and not because of the presents I receive but because of the joy I see on my families faces!  Seeing my kids eyes light up, just melts my heart! 

Favorites December 21 - 27, 2014

Day 353 {12.21.2014 Always up to something} Liam was up to something today with his food... Glad I didn't have to find out lol 

Day 356 {12.22.2014}  Rain or shine she is beautiful girl.  The sun was shining through the rain so brightly I took advantage of this opportunity to capture her!

Day 357 {12.23.2014 Cookie Time} Can you guess what we did today? I love this time of year! Mess and all we had a blast making and decorating cookies! 

Day 358 {12.24.2014 Christmas Eve} Starting when Chloe was born, we would opened 1 gift and that was Christmas PJs. But starting last year I switched it to a Christmas Eve box! Of course they still get PJs but I also try to include a snack while watching a Christmas movie and a book. This year I found the perfect book. Santa comes to Hawaii! Perfect right! Kids keep asking is it time to open it yet? 

Day 359 {12.25.2014 Christmas}  These are the my favorite type of presents!  My tree will one day be filled with handmade ornaments from my babies! <3

Day 360 {12.26.2014 Beach} Beach day! Perfect way to spend the day! 

Day 261 {12.27.2014 Hello}  Why Hello there!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

365 Project | Week 51

I can't believe I'm on week 51!  So love doing this challenge and I love it so much I don't think I will stop.  Come Jan 1st I will do another year of daily shooting my everyday!

Favorites December 14 - 20, 2014

 Do you see what I see? A star, a star, shining in the night. 
With a tall as big as a kite, with a tail as big as a kite.
Day 348 {12.14.2014 Ornament} Liam is just fascinated with this tree and has to discover every ornament.

Day 349 {12.15.2014 Birthday}  Today I celebrated my own birthday!  All week when my wonderful husband asks what I wanted to do for my birthday, I just said nothing.  I don't need a cake either.  Last minute he got me this personal cheesecake... I love cheesecake.  Luckily, I just bought these candles for Skyler's upcoming birthday.

Day 350 {12.16.2014 Letter}  Chloe made her letter today to Santa... I know we are a little late! And it's being sent off in the magical mailbox!

Day 351 {12.17.2014 Relax}   This is how Skyler does quiet time! He loves his tree! 

 Day 352 {12.18.2014 iPad theft} So I'm doing chores around the house and painting a doll bunk bed for Chloe and when I go check on the boys. Only to find Liam was a little swiper and grabbed the iPad to watch Power Rangers... Oh man!

Day 353 {12.19.2014 Bracelet}  A few may know what this bracelet means.  This image is very emotional to me because my daughter's friend and my very close friend's daughter lost her battle with Brain Cancer.  Over two years have passed and my daughter still holds her close to her heart!  On her last day of school before winter break she came downstairs wearing this bracelet and I just cried!   Ava made such an imprint in our lives and never a day goes by we don't think about her. 
 Chloe says Ava is one of her Guardian Angels!

354/365 Not sure what they were playing but Skyler tied himself up and Liam was rescuing him... Gotta love their imagination

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

365 Project | Week 50

December 7 - 13, 2014

Day 341 {12.7.2014 Break} Today was a day for a much needed break. With all the school work and busy work schedule of Zack's today we took a nice break and had some relaxing time with some Kinect and xBox games.

 Day 342 {12.8.2014 Santa} Chloe was telling Skyler all about Santa and even told him that how we have this "Magical Key" for Santa to come inside since we have no Fireplace. He was so fascinated by Chloe explaining it all.

Day 343 {12.9.2014 Dolly} Chloe and Dolly time before bed.  I almost forgot to get my daily picture!  OOPS!

Day 344 {12.10.2014 Anniversary} My page wouldn't be the same without all my supportive fans! Thank you! When I started "through my lens" a year ago I never thought I would meet so many amazing people! 

Day 345 {12.11.2014 Future Photographer} Can u tell he is a Photographer's kid?

 Day 346 {12.12.2014 Healing} Skyler needs to relax today... And man it is harder than u think.  Skyler is on the mend from tripping over his own two feet when he was running in the house.  He smacked his chin on our concrete floors and split his chin open.  Off to the ER we went.  And did he learn a lesson about no running in the house... NOPE! 

Day 347 {12.13.2014 Little Daddy} Chloe's friend brought over her stroller during their sleepover and she was so kind to let Skyler play with it.  He LOVED it!  I couldn't get enough of him feeding his baby!  But I will tell you he was one sad boy when she took it home in the morning!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

365 Project | Week 49

Another week and come and gone.  I swear time is going by even fast with christmas right around the corner.  This time of year I really hope for it to slow down.  I love this season and love it even more since the weather is so beautiful!  

November 30 - December 7, 2014

 Day 334 {12.1.2014 Tree} A new tradition has been started... A real tree! Kids loved seeing all the different size Christmas Trees.

Day 335 {12.2.2014 Sad}   Liam was very sad when his lego tower broke but Skyler came the rescue with a new toys... Liam's big fat tear just hung there for a while

Day 336 {12.3.2014 Love}  Aren't these two adorable! Never can get enough of these hugs!

Day 337 {12.3.2014 Lego} We don't have many days where you can't go outside and play but today was one of those rainy yucky days! So perfect solution playing with Legos!

Day 338 {12.4.2014  Bubble wrap} Bubble wrap is Cheap and loads of fun entertainment! And you know I jumped on them too!

Day 339 {12.5.2014 Dude} He is one Cool Dude! Liam still asks for Trick o Treating... 
I pretend candy in instead.

 Day 340 {12.6.2014 Little BFF Divas} These two girls always have so much fun together!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Tree Farm

Growing up my family always had a real tree and I remember how much fun it was picking it out.  My parents let us pick it out even if there was a huge hole in the side.  Ever since I graduated and moved out I have had an artificial tree, until this year.  After christmas 2013 we sold our artificial tree and I said from now on we are going to get a real tree.   The kids were so excited when we told them we get to pick out our own christmas tree!  They at first wanted one that was just a baby but we told them to keep looking and then we saw the perfect "Hawaiian Tree"

After getting our tree what a better way to end the day then with some baskin robbins ice cream cones.  Just don't try to clean the dripping ice-cream off of Liam's cone... He gets sooo sad! 
Lesson learned! 

Wilkerson's Thanksgiving

So this Thanksgiving we had the normal foods Turkey, potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie... Nothing too fancy.  But I really wanted the kids to have fun with some cooking/baking activity so I hopped on Pinterest and found a recipe for carmel apple bites!  The kids were soooo excited!  But the idea was a major fail the carmel wouldn't stay on the apples... but mommy to the rescue I also bought some chocolate to dip the apples in.  So instead of carmel apples with had chocolate covered ones.  Then afterward since my kids looked so adorable I asked them if mommy could get a picture of them together.  Since the day was for Thanks and I am so thankful for them!

Shortly afterward we went outside for some pictures... I got two with them actually sitting there and the rest is so them!  <3 my babies! and Like I say all the time my life is never boring!
Liam wasn't too keen with the idea of doing apples so he played Mr. Handy Man
My mom did this for us and I continued on the tradition with my kids.  Zack and I have our wine and the kids get their Sparkling Apple Cider.  They feel so special!