Tuesday, October 28, 2014

365 Project | Week 43

Favorites Oct 19 - 25, 2014

Day 292 {10.19.2014 Outside}  PLEASE can I go outside?  Poor baby its been raining all weekend.   He doesn't understand why he can't go outside.  I swear he would play outside rain or shine all day long!

Day 293 {10.20.2014 Coloring}  So coloring is very very hard work!  I have heard of people falling asleep when doing homework but never coloring.  Liam didn't even drop his pencil.  I left him here for a bit before transferring him to the couch.

Day 294 {10.21.2014 Can't see me}  So I'm in the kitchen and I hear Skyler just giggling away.  Then he says "Mommy come find me!" I pretend I don't see him, he thinks he is so invisible!  Baby you are so adorable!

Day 295 {10.22.2014 Off Day}  Just one of those days ... Liam was glued to my leg all day long yesterday! Needless to say we had lots of cuddles! It was a little hard getting the cooking done though.

Day 296 {10.23.2014 Shy}  Mr. Liam was playing shy when I pulled out my camera

Day 297 {10.24.2014 Skinned knee}  Liam is so clumsy.  He has to run every where even though he falls all the time!  But this pirate band aid makes those tears disappear!

Day 298 {10.25.2014 Dentist}  So we were riding the elevator to the kid's dentist office and Mr. Skyler decided he needed a quick rest!  Don't blame him since we had to wake all the kids up early for their 7am appointment!  Bad mommy!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

365 Project | Week 42

Favorites October 12 - 18

Day 285 {10.12.2014 Risk}  Skyler was fascinated with the game Risk.  We only have the demo version but still was a lot of fun!  Maybe he will enjoy the board game in a few years!

Day 286 {10.13.2014 List}  Chloe is already working on her Christmas and Birthday List!  We were heading to Target and she just had to bring her supplies!  I love it when she lets me get a quick picture of her before our outing.  Gotta love the outfit she picked out, fits her perfectly!

Day 287 {10.14.2014 I can fit}  Pure silliness! I bought this little basket for laundry and the boys made it a hiding place!  They snatched it so fast when I was done gathering the laundry!

Day 288 {10.15.2014 Faces}  Liam cracks me up all day long with all his expressions

Day 289 {10.16.2014 Partners in crime}  So you see why I always say these two keep me on my
toes!  They were going on a safari hunt!

Day 290 {10.17.2014 Investigating}  Someone was a little unsure of his Annie's Mac and Cheese! Needless to say I won't be buying that for a long time!

Day 291 {10.18.2014 Relax}  It was just one of those days all the kids had to be separated!  Luckily I have two floors so it is easily done!  Chloe loves it when she has a chance to watch one of her shows.

365 Project | Week 41

Favorites October 5 - 11, 2014

Day 278 {10.5.2014 Volcano}  So it only took us almost a year to do this project, but kids loved it! Skyler was given this volcano kit for Christmas from his auntie Christy.  It took 2 days to complete since we had to make the Volcano and wait until it was dry to paint it.  You can almost hear the excitement the kids had!

Day 279 {10.6.2014 Where's baby}  Where did Liam Go? Here I am!

Day 280 {10.7.2014 Candy land}  Chloe taught Skyler how to play Candy land today!  He loved it!  This game was Chloe's when she was very little!

Day 281 {10.8.2014 Toys}  This is the cool way to play with your toys!  I laughed so hard when I saw Liam today! Not sure how this can be comfy but he was having lots of fun with his airplane.

Day 282 {10.9.2014 Vrooooom!}  Liam has been chasing around this little car for a few days!  Even though he is getting so big, this baby toy won't be leaving our house anytime soon!

Day 283 {10.10.2014 Superman!}  My precious superman! Like father like son!

Day 284 {10.11.2014 Beautiful Day}  We couldn't ask for a much better day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

365 Project | Week 40

Favorites September 28 - October 4, 2014

Perfect way to start the week was vacationing at the beach with Grandma and Grandpa.  We had such an amazing time with them.  I am surprised my kids didn't sleep for a week after all we did.  

Day 271 {9.28.2914 Nap}  Chloe decided it was best to nap on the way to the cabin so she has loads of energy later!  Smart girl!

Day 272 {9.29.2014 So tired}  Skyler had so much fun the day before he was in a deep deep sleep.  With all the doors open, noise from all of us walking around and the crashing waves, he decided he was going to sleep in!  Not really sure how he slept through all of that!

Day 273 {9.30.2014 Mouth full}  So I tell Liam "Lets eat those treats at the table"
And what does he do... He shoves as many as he can into his mouth!

Day 274 {10.1.2014 Love}  Before Chloe headed to school, she made Liam day with a little peek-a-boo.  She has such a special bond with him and he laughs a special way just for his sister!

Day 275 {10.2.2014 Monopoly}  I remember so many cherished memories when I played games 
with my Grandma.  So when I see Chloe and my mom playing it has a special place in my heart! 

Day 276 {10.3.2014 Award}  Chloe received a special award at the school assembly today!  I am so amazed in how well she did in cross country! She can do anything she puts her mind too!

Day 277 {10.4.2014 Waiting} While the kids were patiently waiting for all of us to get things ready to go on the Pirate Ship,  I found them having so much fun with a simple game! Aren't they just precious!