Monday, April 27, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 17

Favorites April 19 - 25, 2015

Day 109 {4.19.2015 Load} Our pack mule! With Liam hopping a ride!

Day 110 {4.20.2015 twins}  He wants to be just like daddy!

 Day 111 {4.21.2015 Battle} Last night's Battle Couch vs Liam... Couch won

Day 112 {4.22.2015 Ride}  All ready to take a ride in a Stryker Combat Vehicle! It was a blast!

Day 113 {4.23.2015} What?

Day 114 {4.24.2015 Beach} Water + Watering Pail = Hours of fun!

Day 115 {4.25.2015 Errands} All ready to go Mommy!

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Chloe's Glasses

Chloe was a little nervous and excited at the same time for getting glasses.  She was so nervous because she had no idea what to expect from the eye exams and honestly neither did I!  I pulled her out of school early and had her teacher give her her homework for the following day since she will be still feel the effects of the dilation.  While we waiting she got a lot of her homework completed so that was easy!  She thought the dilation was very weird and the side effect lasted 1.5 days! The test all went well and the exciting part afterwards was getting the glasses.  Miss Chloe had a very hard time picking out the perfect pair.  But I think she pick the winning pair and we love them!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 16

Favorites April 12 - 18, 2015

Day 102  {4.12.2015 Crack}  Liam feels very special getting himself dressed and didn't want me to help him finish pulling it up! 

Day 103 {4.13.2015 Details}  Love those little freckles!

 Day 104 {4.14.2015} So today is wacky dress up day and this morning just broke my heart when Chloe said "At least its crazy dress up and no one will tease me with my nose" Over the weekend Chloe scrapped her nose on some rocks while swimming and yesterday at school kids were teasing her! 
frown emoticon Kids can be so mean. Chloe shrugged it off and told me right away and we talked about bullying and teasing. My daughter is such a sweetheart and sucks others have to be rude but she doesn't let the comments get to her she continues to shower them with her kindness and bubbly attitude!

Day 105 {4.15.2015 Popsicle} Someone loved their Spinach and Banana Popsicle! I have to admit so do I lol!

Day 106 {4.16.2015 Suspense} Such suspense watching VeggieTales

Day 107 {4.17.2015 Legos} For the Last two days this is how they spent most of the day!

Day 108 {4.18.2015 Artist}  She loves to draw and design!

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Mel Karlberg Photography

Friday, April 17, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 15

Favorites April 5 - 11, 2015

 Day 95 {4.5.2015 Easter} Hope you all had an amazing Easter! We had a fun filled day with Easter activities but this image sums it up for us. Seemed like we were running in and out all day.

Day 96 {4.6.2015 Buds} These two are for sure the Best of Buds! They are always playing side by side! <3

Day 97 {4.7.2015 Line up} Sometimes he would rather line them up then color with them.

Day 98 {4.8.2015 Tired} Potty training is hard work! He fell asleep with his legs under the cushion!

Day 99 {4.9.2015 Picking}  Hmmmm, I'll pick this one!

Day 100 {4.10.2015 Beauty} She is beautiful inside and out!

Day 101 {4.11.2015 Climbing} He can crawl up all on his own now! He refuses the step stool most of the time because he has to be big like brother!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stories in Seven Blog Circle | April

Can you believe it is April already? Well it's time for another edition of Stories in 7!  

Skyler really helped me with this story this month.  He has been begging me all week to paint and I finally said yes.  You may be asking why do I say no so often? Well, when paint is out it is a lot of work on me (I know how selfish that sounds).  I have two messy little boys and after a while they like to wander off and they don't have a care in the world if they are loaded with paint on their hands and tummies.   When I gave Skyler the thumbs up and let him pull out the paint supplies, he just lit up with excitement and I made a deal with myself to just let them make their messes and let them paint when they want to.  It's all washable anyway!  

Their auntie found these adorable Melissa & Doug paint shirt and brushes, PERFECT GIFT!!!

This is also a special capture for me because the next day was the day we threw the remaining diapers we had in the trash and started Liam on underwear!  NO MORE DIAPERS!!!

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365 | Project 2015 Week 14

Favorites March 29 - April 4, 2015

Day 88 {3.29.2015 Found} Saturday was a very emotional day for Skyler. He lost his wallet with his prize possessions in it. I called Target a few times but no one turned it in... But this morning I called once more and they FOUND IT!!! He was sooo happy!

I was asked  "What is your son's prize possessions?" To everyone else it doesn't look like much but for my little man it's the world! This little kitty is his baby and he even sleeps with kitty at times! Silly boy ignores all the dollars in this wallet because he loves the noise change makes, and this card is for his favorite arcade place and Only Big boys get their own card!

Day 89 {3.30.2015 Bubbles} Total case of the Monday's here. Boys were bickering left and right and I finally gave them an activity to get some giggles vs fighting so I can get some house work done. Bubbles!

Day 90 {3.31.2015 Ham}  He is such a Ham! <3

Day 91 {4.1.2015 Big}  "Are you Big or Baby" You can see his answer BIG said in a very deep voice!!!!

Day 92 {4.2.2015 Concentration} Painting produces some serious concentration!

Day 93 {4.3.2015 Bandaid}  We had another trip to the ER for a busted chin and he isn't too thrilled with keeping this bandage on for 24 hours!  Luckily he gets it off soon (before bedtime).

Day 94 {4.4.2015 Potty Training}  I'm a big boy now! Officially no more diapers! We decided to throw the remaining diapers away and put Mr. Liam in underwear.  He is doing amazing and loves being such a big boy!  DIAPER FREE HOUSE YAY!!!!

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