Tuesday, November 25, 2014

365 Project | Week 47

November 16 - 22, 2014

 Day 320 {11.16.2014 Shopping} Who said costumes are only for Halloween! Skyler was mommy's protector today at the Commissary. 

Day 321 {11.17.2014 Wish list} We recently got this magazine in the mail and Skyler was so over joyed showing us all these awesome toys for Christmas or his upcoming birthday! He really has his heart set on this Lazer Tag set.

 Day 322 {11.18.2014 My baby}  No matter how big he gets I will always see my baby in his eyes! 

 Day 323 {11.19.2014 Karate Day} Skyler looks forward to Wednesday, it's his special day and today was extra special. This was his 3rd time going to Karate class, 1st time he said he loved it and then afterwards said no more mommy. But he surprised me and we went last week. Today he did so well he got promoted to the higher level class! Before class starts the kids are suppose to sit still and be quiet. Doesn't he look so adorable there!

Day 324 {11.20.2014 Jumper} Almost everyday Liam takes off all his bedding off his bed (he even does it to my bed if he gets into my room), but now he is starting to reorganize his room and Be a little jumping Monkey! Good thing it's a little toddler bed vs a twin that is high off the ground.

Day 325  {11.21.2014 Blocks} Future construction worker! They can build for hours! Love seeing their masterpieces!

Day 326 {11.22.2014 Style} And we call this Skyler Fashion! Skyler has his own style Robes and superman sock! So adorable!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

365 Project | Week 46

Favorites November 9 - 15, 2014

This 365 project is slowly coming to an end!  I can't believe I only have 6 more weeks left.  This year has gone by so fast and I cherish doing this project so much.

Day 313 {11.9.2014 Hide}  Where's Liam?  Liam was so fast today when he got his hands on Skyler's favorite hat.  Liam bolted upstairs and decided to hide in my bed!

Day 314 {11.10.2014 Banana} This is how all the cool kids each their bananas!

 Day 315 {11.11.2014 Veteran's Day}  Chloe was invited to be in the Wahiawa Veteran's Day Parade to represent her school!  As  you can see she is a natural Cheerleader!  Skyler and Liam had so much fun watching everyone in the parade and when Chloe came towards the end, you could see their eyes light up!  I think besides seeing Chloe their favorite part was the candy! 

Day 316 {11.12.2014 Bathroom}  I find him in the silliest places... Since we never use this shower in Liam's room he decided to have his own fun with it!

 Day 317 {11.13.2014 Oooops!} Man this boy keeps me on my toes! He was trying to share his bowl with Mommy!

 Day 318 {11.14.2014 Baby}   Once in a while I can see my little baby in him!

 Day 319 {11.15.2014 Beauty}  She gets more beautiful every day! I just love her curls and those adorable freckles!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Veteran's Day Parade

The boys have never been to a Parade yet so we were so happy when Chloe was invited to represent her school in the Wahiawa Veteran's Day Parade.  She was so excited too!  The boys were a little sad when I had to go drop Chloe off with her other school mates, but when I explained to them that we will see her marching down the road, it was all better!  Skyler and Liam were fascinated with all the soldiers marching along in formation.  But whats not to love!  Skyler even tried doing some tricks with this baseball bat when we got home like the soldiers did with their rifles.  It was a very long Parade.  Chloe was told she was going to be walking about 3 miles and of course she was toward the end.  Best for last, Right!  The boys felt so special when members of the parade started handing them flags, candy and pencils! Liam was very proud of his two flags and waved them pretty much the whole time! And Finally Chloe was in our sight!  She is a such a natural at cheering, we could hear her over the others and you could tell she was so proud to be apart of this parade!  We are very proud of her too!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

365 Project | Week 45

Favorites November 2 - 8, 2014

Day 306 {11.2.2014 Spills} Spill happen! And when they happen the painting begins lol! At least 
Liam love to help mommy clean up!

Day  307 {11.3.2014 Playtime}  Almost everyday Liam takes this train set out and sets it up! He loves making new tracks.  Mommy has to help with the bridge of course!  Liam and Skyler can play with cars and trains for hours!

Day 308 {11.4.2014 Arguments}  You can almost feel their frustrations here!  Today was just one of those days.  They were playing just nicely and then fighting, back to playing and then yelling again! I will cherish this image forever!

Day 309 {11.5.2014 Quiet Time}  Skyler decided he needed some alone time. But he did kept me company while I was working on dinner!

Day 310 {11.6.2014 Healing}  Skyler has been fighting a bug since halloween and today his body made him stop and take a rest.  He looks so peaceful!

Day 311 {11.7.2014 <3} They way my kids look at me with their puppy eyes just makes me melt! Liam decided his skin needed some extra color this morning too!

Day 312 {11.8.2014 Love}  So I was taking a picture of Chloe's camera necklace and Mr. Skyler hopped in the picture with big hugs for Chloe!  Best photo bomber ever!  He loves his sister so much!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Special Visitors

Family means the world to me and the biggest downfall living in this Beautiful state is, it is very hard to see family.  So when my parents came to visit you can just imagine the excitement we all were feeling!  One week is never enough time to visit with your parents and the time flies by TOO FAST!  Here is a glimpse into our week!

All day the Skyler would say "Is it time to go get Mama and Papa?"  
 Next few days we spent time at the beach in a cabin at our favorite beach!  Perfect little getaway!
As soon as we got the kids we had to check out the beach right away!  Who wouldn't!
The Swimsuit Time!
 Who wouldn't want a little snack while playing cards with Grandma!
The view from our patio! 
 Another day at the beach!
Liam didn't want to be put down at first after seeing some baby crabs.
We walked over to this little area where it was very shallow and Skyler named it "Skyler Beach"!
This was actually very relaxing!
 Chloe waited in this pose for Grandma to come out of the room! She is so adorable!
 Game Time with Grandma!  Chloe loves to play board games!
 Off to go bowling! This was Liam's first time ever.  We all had a blast!
 Liam entertain his siblings while waiting for everyone to get ready before we went on a pirate cruise!