Tuesday, May 27, 2014

365 Project | Week 21

Favorites May 18 - 24, 2014

Day 138 {5.18.2014 Super Chloe}  Best part of having painted concrete floors... 
Sock Skating!

Day 139 {5.19.2014 Walking down} Liam is so trying to be a big boy now! 
He is wanting to walk down vs scooting!

 Day 140 {5.20.2014 Rocks} I had him sit on this rock so I could get a picture of him before he played at the park and I love how I captured him playing in them so Skyler! 
They are all his babies and he wanted to take the big ones home! 

Day 141 {5.21.2014 Babysitting} Chloe is babysitting this doll for her friend from school.

Day 142 {5.22.2014 Just hanging}  I was surprised by this when I walked into the kids bathroom

 Day 143 {5.23.2014 Bare Butt} Liam is such a great baby so this morning was so funny. He 
woke up very crabby when it was time to change his diaper and put it back on. He bolted
 to the playroom bare butt and laid down like this! I quickly grabbed the camera and 
he was still motionless! A few minutes later he was let me put it back on... 
Silly Boy! 

 Day 144 {5.24.2014 Unexpected Nap}  Seriously how do kids sleep in the oddest places?  Skyler was eating a snack and next I notice he is sound asleep!

See what is new this week with my talented friend Jodie


  1. Lots of color this week!!!! I really love that image of Skyler sleeping he is so precious!

  2. I love seeing your images Jenny! Liam's bare butt image makes me laugh! Skylar's sleeping shot is so sweet!

  3. My favorite is Skyler on the rocks. It's such a quite moment before (I assume) the craziness of playing at the park ensued.