Tuesday, February 25, 2014

365 Project | Week 8

Been a very busy week!  First my computer went to the shop for some more memory. Which was need very badly!  
Photo Project + No computer = Way behind on pictures!  
But I didn't quit I am slowly but surely getting caught up! Husband has been consumed with work so I have been playing both roles, which I do a lot with being a military wife.  By the end of the day, I am just so exhausted, but seeing these images put a huge smile on my face and makes me so happy doing what I am doing!  One of these days I will start working on the January and February pages for my 365 Photo book!

Day 47 {2.16.2014 Sitting}  I just love how my baby is sitting here.  Before I know it he will 
be all grown up!

Day 48 {2.18.2014 Sleeping}  You will see lots of sleeping pictures of my babies!  I just can't 
resist it.  I understand why my mother always had so many of me.  Skyler looks so peaceful.

Day 49 {2.19.2014 Train}  Skyler can play with his trains for hours!

Day 50 {2.20.2014 Cheese}  I was switching lens today and Mr. Liam came up to me 
with this face!  "CHEESE"
Day 51 {2.21.2014 Groceries}  Sometime I just don't feel like grocery shopping!  I think I 
need to go soon!

Day 52 {2.22.2014 Love}  I love you this much!!!

Day 53 {2.23.2014 Play}  Liam loves our window ledges in the playroom.  He lines up this
animals just perfectly!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Another holiday has come and gone and soon we will be in March! Can you believe it, MARCH!  But I want to hold onto February just a little longer.  I figured I would put together another blog about Valentine's day.

I had an idea.  Lets try to do a session with my boys for Valentine's day... Ya bad idea! This is why nothing I do is posed.  Making my boys sit in a certain spot is a recipe for failure... But in all honesty I love the images I got! These are them, these are the true moments I will always treasure because I will remember the giggles and cries behind them.  (Skyler took Liam's toy away... he was so sad)

When I was little I remember how much I loved Valentine's Day in school. Wondering how many cards I will get? Will my crush give me a card? What candy will I get?  So many memories went through my mind while Chloe was making her cards for her 2nd grade class!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

365 Project | Week 7

Favorites for Feb 9 - 15, 2014

Day 40 {2.9.2014 dressing self}  Silly Skyler decided to get dressed this way today!  
It is so cool to wear underwear, shirts and shorts on your head!

Day 41 {2.10.2014 Mr. Urkel}    I remember my brother doing this when he was little too!

Day 42 {2.11.2014 Sweet little details}  Liam was struggling to take a nap so I decided to 
sneak in a pic before I sang him another song. Love his eyelashes!

Day 43 {2.12.2014 Valentine's}  Chloe is hard at work making her valentine cards.
I love her little tongue she gets it from her grandma!

Day 44 {2.13.2014 brother's car}  Liam must have been dreaming about Skyler's car
because he ran to it once he woke up!

Day 45 {2.14.2014 Dr. Love}  Dr. Love is in the house today!  Happy Valentines Day!

Day 46 {2.15.2014 Curls}  I just love Chloe's curls they are so beautiful! I am also amazed how every day they are different!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

365 Project | Week 6

Another busy week in our household.  My husband is gearing up to head to the Big Island for training mid week.  I had to make sure everything is all planned ahead of time, so my job is somewhat easier!  Trying to keep the kids busy and distracted with the absence of daddy has been easier than anticipated, so that makes me happy. Crossing my fingers, he is home for Valentine's Day.  Liam also has been a little daredevil and is trying very hard to get out of his crib, luckily I had one for spot left to lower his crib.  Skyler and Chloe never tried to escape.  Hoping and praying I have a few more months before I have to transfer him into a toddler bed!

Favorite images for Feb 2 - 8, 2014

Day 33 {2.2.2014 Clippie} Love it when she wants her hair in little buns. It brings the 
little girl out in her.  Isn't this little clippie so cute. Her auntie spoils her!

 Day 34a {2.3.2014 naps}  My 3 year actually napped today!  He woke up sure early & needed 
a much needed rest!  Mommy got so much crossed off her list when both her boys nap!
So cute how Skyler tucks in his babies!

Day 34b  He is so precious when he sleeps!  Look at those beautiful eyelashes!  
Mommy is so jealous!

 Day 35 {2.4.2014 Rain} "Rain Rain go away don't come back so I can go out to play"
Been raining a lot these past few days.

 Day 36 {2.5.2014 Chopsticks}  <3 this man!  Silly as ever he made us all laugh during 
lunch today!  

Day 37 {2.6.2014 perfect}  Isn't he just so handsome!  He has the best eyes and lips ever!
Of course I'm bias since he's my baby!

Day 38 {2.7.2014 climber}  Mr. Liam is trying to make his escape instead of sleeping!

Day 39 {2.8.2014 ballerina}  Sometimes the best accidents turn out so beautifully! 

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

365 Project | Week 5

Wow!  I can't believe I'm on week 5!  1 month accomplished and looking forward to the next 11.   Every week I am more and more happy that I decided to make this project my goal for 2014!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  My kids are the most perfect subjects.  They are so full of spunk and I am very quick to be able to capture these moments.  Usually I have just a matter of seconds, sometimes I am lucky and many times I'm too late LOL!

Favorites for Jan 26 - Feb 1, 2014

Day 26 {1.26.2014 Fruit Ninja} Today turned into a lazy day, raining outside 
so we are staying warm & cozy inside. Skyler decided he needed to wear 
his robe today & I have to admit he is so stickin cute in it. Zack & I 
just sat back & watched while he was having the time of his life 
slicing away at the fruit on the xbox. All those that have played 
it have to admit, it's fun!  

Day 27 {1.27.2014 day dreaming} Not sure what Mr. Skyler was doing 
today… Maybe being a cheese ball or maybe daydreaming. 
We will never know!

Day 28 {1.28.2014 Crush} I think Liam has a little crush on my friend. He
 went on Facebook & pulled up this picture & was talking away to her!

Day 29 {1.29.2014 contrast}  With Chloe's completion being so pale & her 
dark hair & freckles, I couldn't resist getting this shot in on the way 
to school!

Day 30 {1.30.2014 rest break}  The other day I decided to adventure out to Target with my boys.  Skyler decided he needed a short break after walking across the parking lot.  I wondering what was going through his mind!

Day 31 {1.31.2014 Shoving}  Liam loves to shove his toys in this drawer.  Luckily this actually belongs to this work bench!  It could be worse, 
he could be hiding food.

Day 32 {2.1.2014 Chubby finger}  Aren't these fingers adorable… 
Dimples and all!

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