Tuesday, January 28, 2014

365 Project | Week 4

My Favorites for the week of   Jan 19 - 25, 2014

Day 19 {1.19.2014 no more baby food} So I found a jar of baby food in the pantry, 
&  I think some made it to his mouth lol!

Day 20 {1.20.2014} Never a dull moment in my household. I was sneaking up on Skyler 
since he was making puppy noises, and this is what I find!  Silly Skyler!

Day 21 {1.21.2014 Check-up} Today was a busy day at the doctors!  Skyler & Chloe had their 
yearly check ups and both are little shorties!  Chloe sure was fascinated with the images 
of the different body systems.

Day 22 {Liam's daddy bear} Just like big brother Skyler, Liam loves to carry his daddy bear around 
like this little baby! He even took his favorite blanket to sleep with to wrap him up! 
He is such a lover!

Day 23 {1.23.2014 table talk} So how can a mommy get mad when she sees this, 
Skyler and Liam are chit chatting at the table!  Skyler loves this hat.

Day 24 {1.24.2014 Brother love} I can never get sick of taking pictures of their love! 
I just wish I could have captured the laughter that came with this image. 
Love them to pieces!

Day 25 {1.25.2014 Monster high} Isn't this the cutest cake ever! I was so lucky a friend was 
able to squeeze us in a make this beautiful cake! We are ready for a celebration!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Look who's 8!

Dear Chloe,

Everyday when mommy sees your beautiful face I think to myself where has the time gone!  You are turning into such a beautiful young lady.  When I see your baby pictures, I think to myself wow it seems like just yesterday I was bring you home from the hospital, to having the biggest scare from a false positive on your newborn screen, to driving cross country to our new home in Texas! I could go on and on!  Mommy is so proud of you.  Everyday you surprise me more and more.  When I saw your report card I was just lost for words at how amazing you are doing!  The fact you are reading at an almost 5th grade level and you are reading above 97% second graders nationwide!  Keep up the good work Chloe!  I love when you ask to stay up for a few more minutes to finish the next chapter, even though it breaks my heart when I have to say "No Chloe you need to go to bed".  It tickles my heart hearing strangers say how sweet and polite you are.  You are so sweet and care so much about everyone around you.  I have so much joy in my heart when I see you playing with your brothers and I see how their eyes light up.   I cherish our girl time so much, I hope and pray you never grow out of that!  You are my little shopping partner and who else will I get my nails done with.  8 years ago you gave me the most wonderful gift anyone could ever ask… Being a Mother!  I love you so much and I ask you one thing… "Don't rush on growing up"  Mommy wants you to be her little girl for a long time!



in the hospital 

one week old

 6 weeks old

6 months old

Pictures from her Birthday 

 Right after midnight I snuck in a took a few pictures of my sleeping beauty!

We had a little cake disaster!  Skyler had so much time making it and 
was looking forward to frosting it too, but OOOPS the cake didn't 
come out of the pan… But Mommy to the rescue after a few tears 
I was able to turn the disaster cake into "Olaf"!

Chloe's 8!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

365 Project | Week 3

This week had a special occasion in it for our family, 8 years ago we became parents!  We had such an amazing week, but  I have to admit I was sad when it was time for my daughter's birthday.  She is turning into such a little lady!  I love my kids to pieces, just wish they weren't in such a hurry to grow up!  My baby Liam who's 16 months old thinks he is a big boy like Skyler and Chloe!  

Check back soon for a blog entry about Chloe's birthday!

Images from Jan 12 - 18,  2014

Day 12 {1.12.2014 Matching} Chloe is so happy to have shoes just like mommy! 
These have always been my favorite type of Sketchers! Today we both got a new pair!

Day 13 {1.13.2014 leg} I love those Chunky little legs!

Day 14 {1.14.2014 birthday girl} Before I went to bed (around 12:30 I sneaked in her 
room to give her a kiss and I just couldn't resist getting a picture of her. 
She looks so little while she sleeps! Can't believe my baby girl is 8!

Day 15 {1.15.2014 Tunnel} Skyler thinks Liam's tunnel is more fun as a caterpillar 
than on the ground! He loves this gift!

Day 16 {1.16.2014 Blanket} Liam loves his blankets, so much that you find him rolling around with them on the floor! He reminds me so much of his auntie! Most days 
Liam acts like such a big boy but not today he is my little baby!

Day 17 {1.17.2014 Mr. Cool Dude} Skyler calls these "Papa Glasses" 
He wants to be just like his papa! Skyler's face is totally priceless!

Day 18 {1.18.2014 popcorn show} Chloe and Mommy had fun watching Catching Fire!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Trip to the Dentist

It's that time again, either you dread it or deal with it! THE DENTIST!  So all week we were preparing Skyler & Chloe for the dentist, mainly just Skyler, and the kids were actually excited to go since they knew they got to get a prize from the treasure chest!  Skyler was first and he sat patiently until the X-ray machine came.  He remembered what happened last time and the visit went from great to nightmare :(  Atleast they we quick with his cleaning, but all I can say Skyler is one strong boy!  Chloe herself was a little nervous.  She was nervous the dentist was gonna tell mommy and daddy she had a cavity.  The complete opposite actually happened they were so impressed with the care she has given her teeth.  That made mommy so happy!

Waiting patiently for brother to get out of the car 

This chair is actually kind of cool

 Love her eyes

Showing Skyler the tools
 Skipping to the dentist office

Waiting patiently for the dentist to come in

 Love her cute little freckles 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

365 Project | Week 2

Another week has gone by.  It's hard to imagine we are already on the second week of January, seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas!  We've been struggling lately with getting everyone back on schedule after the long winter break!  6am alarm clock is not so pleasing to the ears lol!  I sure do miss having Chloe home all day, even though half the day she is running around outside with her wonderful friends.  Atleast, school for her is over at 2:05 everyday :)  This coming week is a very exciting time for our family.  So check back in for a new post soon.

Images from Jan 5 - 11, 2014

Day 5 {1.5.2014}  Chloe has so many options to finalize her outfit of the day.  She is a pure fashionista at heart!

Day 6 {1.6.2014}  Skyler is a boy of many looks & this is one of his signature ones.
"Really mommy really!"

Day 7 {1.7.2014}  All the cool boys carry around 2 cups!  Liam cracks me up with his face expressions!  "Ooooooooo"

Day 8 {1.8.2014} My baby boy has the sweetest eyes ever!  Such a heartbreaker!

Day 9 {1.9.2014} Skyler is such a great big brother! He loves to read books to his brother. This color book must have been intense!

Day 10 {1.10.2014}  They might have their fights but they sure have a very tight bond.  
You can just see the love they have for each other!

 Day 11 {1.11.2014}  Dentist time!  Chloe waiting patiently for the dentist to come 
look at her teeth.  I think she was thinking "please no cavities please no cavities" 
It was a good report! 

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

365 Project | Week 1

All those that know me personally, know I have a passion for photography.  Well my New Year's resolution is completing a 365 Photography Project!  Week 1 has been an amazing week (well almost a week!)  This is a huge commitment for me & I will see it to the end!  I'm part of a blog circle so when you are done looking at my images feel free to continue onto the next!  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do :)  The hardest job I have is picking my favorite images!  This week has been an exciting time for my family with my husband off of work and Chloe on winter break! 

Here are my favorites for Jan 1 - 4, 2014

Day 1 {1.1.2014}  Skyler's birthday, he turned 3, was the perfect way for celebrating the new year.  His favorite treat is Starbucks if you can't tell!
Day 2 {1.2.2014}  We decided to avoid the crowds and celebrate his birthday with a family outing to Dave and Buster's in Honolulu.  He felt like such a big boy driving a race car!
Day 3 {1.3.2014}  Liam is such a hoot! He wants to be a big boy just like his sister & brother.  He is starting to get better at feeding himself!  I don't mind the mess, he is so stickin cute! 
"What do I have something on my face?"
Day 4 {1.4.2014}  Almost everyday liam is my little helper (along with his brother) with cleaning and todayhe found his sister's hair bow!  A momma couldn't resist this photo opportunity! He will not be so happy in the future, but I will still have many laughs when I show his future wife and kids!

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Skyler's Birthday

Skyler sure had a blast on his special day! I still can't believe he is 3!  We actually split it into two day since New Years day is usually busy everywhere.  Every year I make them pancakes and skyler's favorite treat is starbucks… He is one lucky little boy!  On Jan 2 we took the kids to Dave and Busters to family fun time!  The kids totally approved!