Tuesday, July 8, 2014

365 Project | Week 27

Favorites June 29- July 5, 2014

Day 180 {6.29.2014 Relaxing at the Park}  Nothing is better than a quick break with some 
licorice to snack on!

Day 181 {6.30.2014 Breakfast with Shamu}  Who needs a sea world admission when you can
have Shamu at home!  Liam just a a few days prior to this Terrified by Shamu, he would run
away screaming!  Now they are inseparable! 

 Day 182 {7.1.2014 iPad}  School time with iPad. Today is a one of those days I don't feel very motivated and really tired so Chloe didn't mind doing some math and reading on my iPad!

 Day 183 {7.2.2014 So Serious}  All I said was "Wanna go downstair"  And this was the response!
I take it the answer was No lol!

Day 184 {7.3.2014 Bowl} This is how Skyler waits for his turn at Bowling with the Kinnect 

Day 185 {7.4.2014 Climbing} Not too often kids want back into his crib! 

 Day 186 {7.5.2014 Tickles}  This just melts my heart!  They just love to tickle and wrestle each other.  Sitting back and watching them play and see the love they have for each other never
gets old!


  1. That barefoot walking is something I'm looking forward to! All this concrete burns little feet and my son loves to run outside barefoot! Love the first shot!! You'll have to show me that park!!

  2. great conversion. Love the lighting in these!

  3. These are lovely black & whites. Your children are beautiful!

  4. Oh I love these, great daily captures!

  5. Love the B&W! I wish I could stick with a 365!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sibling tickles!! What a sweet moment captured!

  7. Great shots of kids just hanging out for the summer. I need to do more of that. Thanks for the inspiration

  8. That last one... heart melting :)

  9. I just love your BW conversions

  10. oh that last one! Lovely moment and lovely capture. Beautiful memory preserved forever :)