Monday, July 28, 2014

365 Project | Week 30

Favorites July 20 - 26, 2014

 Day 201 {7.20.2014 Waiting}  Off to the grocery store we go! He looks a little worried his 
favorite car shopping carts won't be there!

Day 202 {7.21.2014 haircut soon}  So soon these little locks will be all gone :(

Day 203 {7.22.2014 Short}  So I am finally going to retire these shorts these were Skyler's when he was a baby and Liam already out grew them.  Skyler decided to wear them today, can you believe they are size 12-18 months!

Day 204 {7.23.2014 Cars}  These two are growing into being the best of buds!

Day 205 {7.24.2014 Books} Chloe loves to read and her favorites are books about animals! She is always telling me interesting facts. I can never get sick of hearing... "Mommy did you know..."

Day 206 {7.25.2014 Boat in a Bottle} Skyler  this Ship in a bottle and he knows he can only "play" with it on his bed!

Day 207 {7.26.2014 Cupcakes} After I got my hair done, I spotted these little bakery and surprised my babies with a little treat! They were so yummy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

365 Project | Week 29

Favorites July 13-19, 2014

 Day 194 {7.13.2014 Smile}  I bet I made you smile!  I couldn't resist drawing on him!

Day 195 {7.14.2014 MineCraft}  Chloe is teaching Skyler the ropes on how to play!

Day 196 {7.15.2014 }  And we all fall down!

Day 197 {7.16.2014 Books}  Books and more Books!

Day 198 {7.17.2014 I can do it}  Liam is trying so hard how to figure out this lock!
 Day 199 {7.18.2014 kiss}  Give me a kiss!

Day 200 {7.19.2014 Godiva}  Nothing is better than on a girls day with your daughter than 
Godiva Strawberries!

Monday, July 14, 2014

365 Project | Week 28

Favorites July 6 - 12, 2014

I love and I'm proud of being a military family!  The military has done so many fantastic things for us.  Especially giving us the opportunity to leave and experience so many different places, but with the good comes the bad.  This was a very emotional week for us.  We had to say goodbye to some amazing neighbors, but hopefully we will be able to see them in the future!

 Day 187 (7.6.2014 Friendship} 1.5 years ago, 3 amazing girls welcomed Chloe to the neighborhood with open arms and eagerness for a new friendship. They all had such a great bond right away! We recently said goodbye to one and this week we have to say goodbye to these two amazing girls! We had a blast hanging out down in Waikiki with them and captured a few more memories! Love these girls, we will truly miss them and their momma! 

Day 188 {7.7.2014 Oh NO!}  Oh no Where did my belly go?

Day 189 {7.8.2014 Flowers} Chloe decided she needed to pick some flowers for mommy's hair!

Day 190 {7.9.2014 Mommy's Artists}  These two little rascals just love a notebook and pencil! Skyler started to make little Olafs.

Day 191 {7.10.2014 Time out}  Skyler got into trouble and had to be in time out for 3 minutes.  Mommy couldn't resist getting a picture.  He is too darn cute!

Day 192 {7.11.2014 Toys}  Funny how entertaining the smallest toys can be!

Day 193 {7.12.2014 Packing}  Chloe packed and ready for a fun day down in Honolulu!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

365 Project | Week 27

Favorites June 29- July 5, 2014

Day 180 {6.29.2014 Relaxing at the Park}  Nothing is better than a quick break with some 
licorice to snack on!

Day 181 {6.30.2014 Breakfast with Shamu}  Who needs a sea world admission when you can
have Shamu at home!  Liam just a a few days prior to this Terrified by Shamu, he would run
away screaming!  Now they are inseparable! 

 Day 182 {7.1.2014 iPad}  School time with iPad. Today is a one of those days I don't feel very motivated and really tired so Chloe didn't mind doing some math and reading on my iPad!

 Day 183 {7.2.2014 So Serious}  All I said was "Wanna go downstair"  And this was the response!
I take it the answer was No lol!

Day 184 {7.3.2014 Bowl} This is how Skyler waits for his turn at Bowling with the Kinnect 

Day 185 {7.4.2014 Climbing} Not too often kids want back into his crib! 

 Day 186 {7.5.2014 Tickles}  This just melts my heart!  They just love to tickle and wrestle each other.  Sitting back and watching them play and see the love they have for each other never
gets old!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

365 Project | Week 26

Favorite June 22 -  28, 2014

 Day 173 {6.22.2014 Milk Shakes}  YUMMY! Cake batter Milk shake!

Day 174 {6.23.2014 Old Pictures} Skyler and I enjoyed looking at little Chloe pictures today! 
Skyler was so cute because he kept saying "Baby Me!"

Day 175 {6.24.2014 Drawing}  Liam could sit her and just draw for hours! He will an amazing Artist!

Day 176 {6.25.2014 Bye bye) I think Liam had enough building blocks.

Day 177 {6.26.2014 Cowboys and Indians} Skyler's imagination took off!

Day 178 {6.27.2014 Playtime}  Love watching Liam play.  Everyday it's a different favorite toy
of the day!

Day 179 {6.28.2014 Super Liam}  The Wilkerson household is safe from villains with 
Super Liam on duty!

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