Tuesday, September 30, 2014

365 Project | Week 39

Favorites  September 21 - 27, 2014

Day 264 {9.21.2014 Studying}  Chloe is studying away for a Math test tomorrow!

Day 265 {9.22.2014 100 Days left} Liam Cracks me up here! "Really mommy so you are saying it's less than 100 days until Christmas?

Day 266 {9.23.2014 Bike} A little bike time! Liam loves riding his little balance bike in the grass. Can't wait for their daddy to come home, since it will be much easier taking both boys on a bike ride around the park vs just in the yard.

Day 267 {9.24.2014 Cupcake}  Maybe if I wish really really hard it will turn into a 
Real Chocolate Cupcake!

Day 268 {9.25.2014 Cross Country} Cross Country Meet. Chloe did amazing! I never knew she could run so well. Even the boys were cheering for her. She was about the 5th girl crossing the finish line!

Day 269 {9.26.2014 Mama & Papa} Excitement! Oh they were so excited to see Mama and Papa. Going to be a fun filled week!

Day 270 {9.27.2014 BeachTime}  And we are off!  Off to the beach we go!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

365 Project | Week 38

Another glimpse into my everyday!

Favorites September 14 - 20, 2014

Day 257 {9.14.2014 Rocks!} So we are in the yard picking weeds and this is how Skyler does it! They are all his "babies"

Day 258 {9.15.2014 Timeout}  So this is the face Liam gives me when I make him sit in Time out!

 Day 259 {9.16.2014 Hiding!} I wish you could hear the giggles when they were being so tricky hiding from mommy! 

Day 260 {9.17.2014} Relaxed! 

 Day 261 {9.18.2014 Stories}  Deep in thought while telling Liam and I a story. I love hearing his stories and his speech is coming along so I can finally understand most of it!

 Day 262 {9.19.2014 Brothers!} Love seeing the bond these two have! 

Day 263 {9.20.2014 Shopping} And off we go! I have been running a lot of errands lately getting ready for my parents to come! Thank goodness my kids plus the neighbor girl love to shop!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

365 Project | Week 37

This is a very special week for me... My baby boy is officially a Toddler!  Liam is 2!!! Wow, time really just goes by fast.  Seems like just yesterday, I woke up with the sensation he was coming but past it off as braxton hicks since it was a month early.  But later that evening he made his arrival and joined our family at 6 lbs 12 oz... Doctors were right he would have been a big baby!  I thought a perfect what to celebrated his birthday was to dedicate a whole week of my 365 to just him!  We are celebrating his birthday more when my husband get home so he can be apart of it! So expect some Birthday images in the future!

Favorites Sept 7 - 13, 2014

Day 250 {9.7.2014 And he sleeps} A much needed nap! You know your almost two year old is tired if he crawls into his bed and falls asleep! 

 Day 251 {9.8.2014 Clean up} Mr. Liam cleaning up his artwork! I went upstairs for less then 5 minutes and he made artwork all over the downstairs. At least he enjoyed cleaning it.

Day 252 {9.9.2014 Waiting} Waiting patiently while Skyler has his speech appointment! 

Day 253 {9.10.2014 Birthday Boy} Welcome my precious 2 year old! I stayed up to capture this at midnight when Liam turned 2!

Day 254 {9.11.2014 Teeth Time} Independence!  Liam decided he didn't want to wait for mommy to brush his teeth! He climbed up and did it himself.

Day 255 {9.12.2014 Park}  My boys are so lucky within a block we have 2 parks to choose from and most of the time it is just us!  We take a trip to the park almost everyday! This time Super Liam had to come!

Day 256 {9.13.2014 Bike} Bike time! Liam is just like his daddy he could go miles on this little radio flyer bike!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

365 Project | Week 36

Favorites Aug 31 -  Sept 6, 2014

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Day 243 {8.31.2014 Belly Button} All day Liam has been playing with this belly button like he just discovered it again... Silly boy! 

Day 244 {9.1.2014 Cars}  So it was clean up time and this is what I saw... They are in such a 
perfect line I couldn't put them away.

 Day 245 {9.2.2014 Piggies} This little Piggy had roast beef! 

Day 246 {9.3.2014 Hard Work Work!} Hard Work Work! One value I really try to install in my kids! 

Day 247 {9.4.2014 School Days}  Chloe and her great friend were dressing up as twins for school!  Aren't those earring adorable?!

Day 248 {9.5.2014 iPad} Skyler loves it when he get to play his preschool games on mommy's iPad! Sometimes the Perfect way for mommy to get ready in the morning.

Day 249 {9.6.2014 Imperfection} Living in Hawaii I am always wearing sandals and with that saying you would think this momma would be getting routine pedicures! I wish lol! I would like to, heck I would love to just be able remember to just remove the polish and redo them myself.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

365 Project | Week 35

This has been a very emotional week for our household!  To start it off we had to finish up an amazing visit from Mama T (as Skyler would say).  It is never fun saying goodbye.  Then Mr. Liam climbed out of his crib again and I ran out that day and bought him a toddler bed so he doesn't hurt himself.  This crib went through all 3 babies and now we don't need it anymore... So sad! Liam wants to be a big boy so bad!  To finish off this week we had to say Goodbye to Zack for a month.  His work has taken him to Malaysia :( Hopefully this month goes by fast and is lots of fun!

Favorites August 24 - 30, 2014

Day 236 {8.24.2014 Sunset}  My mother in law was leaving the next day so we decided to watch a sunset on her last full day and my hubby was having a blast throwing Liam up.  Why do they throw them so high? LOL

Day 237 {8.25.2014 Hike} Off we go! Liam walked 3/4 the way to the waterfall! over a mile for the little guy! 

 Day 238 {8.26.2014 Eyes} Eyes surely do tell the truth! Skyler has had a little rough day and you can almost see unsureness in his eyes.

Day 239 {8.27.2014 Playtime} Liam has a new favorite spot to play... Under Mommy's desk!

Day 240 {8.28.2014 New bed} Liam and Skyler have been testing out Liam's new toddler bed all day! 
The real fun will be tonight! 

Day 241 {8.29.2014 Baby} Skyler and his baby are enjoying Elmo's World. Skyler told me today he has two babies : Liam and Pirate bear. He even put a diaper and got him dress! So adorable!  

Day 242 {8.30.2014 Packing} Hope you all are having a fun filled Saturday and Labor day weekend. This is how we are spending our day. But thank goodness my husband will only be gone a month! Skyler is so cute though he has been just watching daddy pack all day! 

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