Tuesday, June 30, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 26

Favorites June 21 - 27, 2015

Day 172 {7.21.2015 Daddy Day}  Our everyday Hero!

Day 173 {6.22.2015 Puzzle} Huge project today for Chloe a 550 piece puzzle! She has been wanting to build this forever and finally did it! 

 Day 174 {6.23.2015 Patrol}  My little loves on Protect Patrol !

Day 175 {6.24.2015 Friends} Gearing up to say "See you Later" To another dear friend :( This sweetie was Chloe's first friend when we moved here to Hawaii. She welcomed my daughter with open arms when she walked into 1st grade! We will miss her.

Day 176 {6.25.2015 Hi} Mommy where are you?

Day 177 {6.26.2015 Beach}  Perfect day for playing in the sand... And throwing sandballs at brother!

Day 178 {6.27.2015 Sleepy Heads}  I didn't have just one but 3 babies in my bed!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 25

Favorites June 14 - 20, 2015

Day 165 {6.14.2015 Bond} The new bond is in town!

Day 166 {6.15.2015} Stretch!

Day 167 {6.16.2016 Games}  Like father like son.  Liam loves when he gets to play a game on the iPad especially when with Daddy!

Day 168 {6.17.2015 Face}  Having a clean face in this house is pretty hard with a busy 2 year old!

Day 169 {6.18.2015 Beach} {iPhone Photography} I decided not to bring my camera today but so happy i had enough battery on my phone. Liam had a blast surfing the sand and the occasional wave lol

 Day 170 {6.19.2015 Tickles}  Liam loves to play in the shower even with his clothes on and he was so adorable today.  I heard lots of little giggles and belly laughs because the shower was tickling his neck.

Day 171 {6.20.2015 Strong}  I'm so strong!!!

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Lori Dozier

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 24

Favorites June 7 - 13, 2015

 Day 158 {6.7.2015 Climber}  Mr. Climber strikes again.  I guess it's more comfortable playing up there!

Day 159 {6.8.2015 Preschool}  Someone started school today! Two days a week for 3 hours. He did great and had lots of fun! Liam was so sad to leave Skyler at school though, he wanted to play with brother.

 Day 160 {6.9.2015 Queen}   Meet Queen Coca Cola! Pretend mustache always a must! The things my kids come up with <3

Day 161 {6.10.2015 Serious}  So handsome and so serious

Day 162 {6.11.2015 Adorable} How can anyone ever get mad at this face... Oh BTW I think a hair cut is in this future... he is getting helmet hair lol

Day 163 {6.12.2015 Movies} Last minute after dinner I decided to bring Chloe to the movies to see Jurassic World.  The night before we rented the original Jurassic Park and she loved it.  I don't get excited about movies too often and this one was amazing! I loved it so much! I so would see it again! Chloe can't stop talking about it either!

Day 164 {6.13.2015 Queen}  She shouts out "I'm Queen of the beach!"

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Indira Klotzer

Monday, June 15, 2015

Trip to the Beach

So I get this question all the time,  "So you must go to the beach almost everyday since you live in Hawaii?"  Well honestly I would love to say we go all the time, but we don't.  A beach trip  can be very exhausting.  Fun but exhausting.  So normally I try to go when my husband can come with me and give me an extra set of hands.  A month ago, I participated in a day in the life photography project and I chose a trip to the beach for mine.  

Usually while my kids are eating breakfast,  I started the preparation for the beach.  To include packing: loads of sunscreen for my little whiteys, snacks, water, juice, towels, chairs, sand toys and boogie boards, not to mention an awesome fold up wagon to carry it all.  Step 1 is done and now time to load my babies up.  Once we get to the destination, step 2:  Lubing them up with sunscreen.  This trip I only had 2 kids so it was a little quicker but still time consuming making sure they are well protected along with myself.  Also, remembering to reapply every hour.  One of my favorite places to go when its just me with the kids is a beach called "Dog Beach".  At this beach, you can walk around forever and never above my kids waist and also see tons of dogs running around since it is their beach!  My kids can have the freedom to explore more while I can slowly walk behind them and observe them while chit chatting with a friend.  After a few hours, I start reminding my kids "okay 10 more minutes, okay 5 more minutes, Boys we leave in 2 minutes", so when it's time to actually pack up and leave they are okay with the decision and no temper tantrums.  As you can see from the images, my kids had an exciting and exhausting time and no wonder they passed out in the car!  My reward listening and singing along to my music!