Tuesday, April 29, 2014

365 Project | Week 17

Favorites for April 20 - 26, 2014

Day 110 {4.20.2014 Easter Basket}  This was my basket when I was a little girl.  So happy it 
survived the last 30 years and now Chloe gets to treasure its beauty.  Hopefully my future
granddaughter will be able to use it for her first Easter!

 Day 111 {4.21.2014 Got dressed}  So Skyler got himself dressed like he normally does & when I walked into the playroom I started laughing.  His underwear was inside out and pants on 
backwards.  Skyler doesn't have care in the world. <3 him!

Day 112 {4.22.2014 Hockey Jersey} So Skyler is obsessed with this Jersey every time it is 
washed he finds it and has to wear it.  I might have to hide it soon... 
All you Minnesota Wild fans will love this Jersey!

 Day 113 {4.23.2014 I can do it mommy}  Liam got really mad and then pushed out two tears
when mommy tried to help him with his yogurt!

Day 114 {4.24.2014 I see you}  The boys love this tunnel and after about 10 minutes of
giggling I finally grabbed my camera.

Day 115 {4.25.2014 Boy Band}  You could see the excitement in their faces while they were
jamming away on the guitars!

Day 116 {4.26.2014 Play house}  Saturday morning while the boys were playing in Skyler's
room, I played house with Chloe and snuck in a few shots.  I love the concentration she has
and how much imagination she has! I hope she doesn't lose it anytime soon!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Easter 2014

Our Easter was not our normal festive day.  What did we do... we lounged around in our PJs all day, played games, built legos and ordered Pizza.  Lots of laughs were made and memories burned into our brains! I was able to distract the kids with the simple fact daddy was away this Easter.  Mission accomplished!  We had so much fun too!  I missed my husband and my family so much this holiday, I was happy to be able to make it special!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

365 Project | Week 16

Favorites April 13 - 19, 2014

Day 103 {4.13.2014 Monkey bars}  Park time is always so much fun.  I love watching you 
swing quickly across the monkey bars.  You make it look so easy.
    Day 104 {4.14.2014 sick}  My little Skyler was sick with a nasty bug and momma's bed 
made it all better!

 Day 105 {4.15.2014 Bath Time}  Gotta love baby rolls!

Day 106 {4.16.2014 Wishing}  With big brother being sick Liam wished he could go
outside and play!

Day 107 {4.17.2014 Story Time}  Liam loves hiding away in Skyler's closet.  Such a perfect
place to sit down and read!

Day 108 {4.18.2014 Rainbow Loom}  Chloe just loves this thing! She is organizing all her bands
so it's much easier to find the colors she need.  I have to admit I love making things too!

Day 109 {4.19.2014 Decorations}  This was our only decoration this year.  Isn't it adorable?  
Chloe was given it at school.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

365 Project | Week 15

Favorites April 6 - 12, 2014
 Day 96 {4.6.2014 Daddy Time}  Liam took a second to see what mommy 
was doing while he was having fun playing with daddy.  Daddy is 
getting ready to head off for training for a few months :(

Day 97 {4.7.2014 Oh man! Life is hard}  Skyler was his hilarious self today.  Not sure why he was doing this but I got a kick out of it!  
The drama of being a 3 year old!

 Day 98 {4.8.2014 Homework}  I just love how hard she concentrates, even
when it is easy as pie!

 Day 99 {4.9.2014 Mr. Trouble}  Liam had a hay day taking all his diapers
out of the entertainment center!  But the good boy he is, he loved
putting them all away!

Day 100 {4.10.2014 I can do it} Today is an emotional day for us.  My 
husband is off to California for training and Skyler is very aware when 
daddy's bags come out means daddy will be gone for a while.  I will
do my best as aways with distracting my babies! 
 Skyler is the man in the house now!

 Day 101 {4.11.2014 PJs}  Are these the cutest PJs?!?

Day 102 {4.12.2014 Archeologist}  My little archeologists.  We bought Chloe
this little kit for christmas you uncover rock treasures.  She is so excited to 
see what she digs up.  She now wants to be an Archeologist when she
grows up.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

365 Project | Week 14

Favorites March 30 - April 5, 2014

 Day 89 {3.30.2014 Bike Ride}  We went for a long bike ride today. It felt so nice! Chloe really loves her new bike. She says she can go so much 
faster now!

 Day 90 {3.31.2014 Chef in the house}  Skyler was my cook today!

Day 91 {4.1.2014 cartoons}  Mommy wasn't feeling well this morning, 
so they enjoyed cuddles and relaxing! 

Day 92 {4.2.2014  Such a boy}  Can't believe I actually captured this.
Just wait till the future wife sees this! 

Day 93 {4.3.2014 Kiss}  Give me a kiss!

Day 94 {4.4.2014 Helmet}  Skyler got a new bike helmet today and talk
about major hit.  He loves it! I have to admit I love it too!

Day 95 {4.5.2014 Hugs}  These two love each other so much!  
They were hugging for a long time. So precious!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

365 Project | Week 13

Finished up with Day 88, and I am so surprised I have gotten this far already.  How is it April already! My kids grow so much each and every day.  I am so proud to be able to say I'm their mommy!

Favorites March 23 - 29, 2014

Day 82 {3.23.2014 La-La Land}   Liam is a hoot!  Seriously what is he thinking at this moment!

 Day 83 {3.24.2014 Car School}  Skyler's mini cars have to go to school he says! 

 Day 84 {3.25.2014 Dressing self} Liam is trying so hard to be big like his brother! Maybe potty training is in our future!

 Day 85 {3.26.2014 beach time}  With Chloe being out of school, what a better day to head
off to the beach.  The kids had a blast trying their hardest to make a sand "Olaf"

Day 86 {3.27.2014 Just hanging}  While walking to Liam's doctor appt, Skyler spotted a 
bunch of roosters in an open grassy area.  I took a picture of him watching the roosters 
and then my silly Skyler came out!  

Day 87 {3.28.2014 Dress}  Chloe loves friday's because that means she can wear whatever
she wants to school.  She chose to wear her new dress and was so excited.  She feels
like Elsa in this dress!

Day 88 {3.29.2014 Puffs}  Sad moment in our household... NO MORE baby snacks.  Liam
just pushes them away.  He is too big for baby stuff!  Very strange for me not to buy
any baby food items anymore.

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