Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Trip to the Dentist

It's that time again, either you dread it or deal with it! THE DENTIST!  So all week we were preparing Skyler & Chloe for the dentist, mainly just Skyler, and the kids were actually excited to go since they knew they got to get a prize from the treasure chest!  Skyler was first and he sat patiently until the X-ray machine came.  He remembered what happened last time and the visit went from great to nightmare :(  Atleast they we quick with his cleaning, but all I can say Skyler is one strong boy!  Chloe herself was a little nervous.  She was nervous the dentist was gonna tell mommy and daddy she had a cavity.  The complete opposite actually happened they were so impressed with the care she has given her teeth.  That made mommy so happy!

Waiting patiently for brother to get out of the car 

This chair is actually kind of cool

 Love her eyes

Showing Skyler the tools
 Skipping to the dentist office

Waiting patiently for the dentist to come in

 Love her cute little freckles 


  1. Beautiful images and love the emotion! Hoping next time Skyler does better!

  2. Your youngest will get used to it later. Poor guy he wanted nothing to do with the dentist!

  3. i love the real life approach. i need to do that more with my littles

  4. Love these! Those freckles are gorgeous.

  5. Great documentation of the dentist visit!

  6. The "noooo" photo. My favourite!

  7. What a cute story you've captured!

  8. Overall, the trip to the dentist is a success. There may be some nervousness but I’m glad it still ends well. That’s a relief. What treat do they get, btw?

    Gerald Regni