Tuesday, May 27, 2014

365 Project | Week 21

Favorites May 18 - 24, 2014

Day 138 {5.18.2014 Super Chloe}  Best part of having painted concrete floors... 
Sock Skating!

Day 139 {5.19.2014 Walking down} Liam is so trying to be a big boy now! 
He is wanting to walk down vs scooting!

 Day 140 {5.20.2014 Rocks} I had him sit on this rock so I could get a picture of him before he played at the park and I love how I captured him playing in them so Skyler! 
They are all his babies and he wanted to take the big ones home! 

Day 141 {5.21.2014 Babysitting} Chloe is babysitting this doll for her friend from school.

Day 142 {5.22.2014 Just hanging}  I was surprised by this when I walked into the kids bathroom

 Day 143 {5.23.2014 Bare Butt} Liam is such a great baby so this morning was so funny. He 
woke up very crabby when it was time to change his diaper and put it back on. He bolted
 to the playroom bare butt and laid down like this! I quickly grabbed the camera and 
he was still motionless! A few minutes later he was let me put it back on... 
Silly Boy! 

 Day 144 {5.24.2014 Unexpected Nap}  Seriously how do kids sleep in the oddest places?  Skyler was eating a snack and next I notice he is sound asleep!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

365 Project | Week 20

Favorite images May 11 - 17, 2014

Day 131 {5.11.2014  My chunky monkey}  I love my Liam's chunkiness!

Day 132 {5.12.2014 Daughter}  My sweet beautiful daughter!

Day 133 {5.13.2014 Nail Polish}  Someone got into mommy's nail polish

Day 134 {5.14.2014 Car Problems}

Day 135 {5.15.2014 Train}  Liam loves this train.  So many different activities on it too!

Day 136 {5.16.2014 More Trains}

Day 137 {5.17.2014 Even more Trains}  A friend is moving and we found this amazing toy on 
her garage sale!  Boys couldn't be any happier!

I didn't realize this until I put this blog together all the trains!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Trip to White Plains Beach

When my husband was given a short break from training and was able to come home for a few days, we so took advantage of hitting up the beaches.  I am not comfortable going to the beach or even a pool without him.  I need an extra set of eyes and hands with the boys, since they don't realize how dangerous the water really is!  

We went to a new beach that was known for Monk Seals to relax on.  I love Seals and Sea Lions, so I was super excited and hoped and prayed we would see one.  When we got there we didn't see any, but down the beach I did see some large "Rocks".   We played in the sand and some time had passed and I notice hey that "Rock" moved... Then realized those two rocks I saw down the beach were not rocks at all they were Seals! We took a family walk down the beach!  On the way back we found lots of sea glass too! So win win!

"Chloe look over there it's a Blackhawk!"
"I'm mad! They didn't pick me up with the Blackhawk!"
Can't ask for a better way to relax!  Chloe loves to watch the surfers!
"So mommy you are saying I CAN'T eat this rock?"

I'm out of here!
Hawaiian Monk Seal "M&M"

Future Life Guard!  Chloe is holding her new found treasures.
Playing at the beach is very exhausting!
Literally as soon as we got into the car it started down pouring!  We sure were lucky!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

365 Project | Week 19

Favorites May 4 - 10, 2014

 Day 124 {5.4.2014 Innocence} On our way out the door I saw with the corner of my eye how 
you were standing and I made you freeze so I can get a picture. I love, even though you are 8 
and getting older every day, that you still carry around your babies like when you were 2! 
You are going to be such an amazing mother one day! 

Day 125 {5.5.2014 watching}  Liam is having fun watching the birds jumping around on our
tree while waiting for daddy to come back inside.

Day 126 {5.6.2014 Mosquito} Liam got bite by a Mosquito under his eye and it turned into a 
black eye at least it doesn't seem to bother him. My poor baby!

Day 127 { 5.7.2014 Quiet time} I asked Skyler to go have some quiet time in his room and 
when I brought the laundry upstairs this is what he was busy doing...
 I  he has a passion for books already!
Day 128 {5.8.2014 Cars all in a row} I will never understand why boys line their cars up 
& not play with them... Skyler was so proud to show me his line of cars and then we 
played with a separate set of cars lol!

 Day 129  {5.9.2014 Pancakes}  So I was giving Liam a pancake for a snack/treat while I was unloading dishwasher & I just let him walk around with it (something I don't normally do) 
But I thought it would be safe.  Ya lesson learned! Nothing is safe with a toddler.  
But he had fun helping me vacuum up his mess!

Day 130 {5.10.2014 Batman}

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

365 Project | Week 18

Favorites for April 27 - May 3, 2014

Day 117 {4.27.2014 Just Chilling}  Liam after his bath is was so content to just chill on the steps.
I think someone is happy we removed the bottom baby gate!

Day 118 {4.28.2014 Name Tag}  Hi my name is Skyler and I'm addicted to playing cars.
Skyler was so happy when Chloe made him a name tag.

Day 119 {4.29.2014 Patience} Skyler is waiting patiently for his Jersey to come out of the wash!
He loves that thing!

Day 120 {4.30.2014 Zoolander phone} Liam was having a phone conversation with his brother! Chloe bought both her brothers an eraser iPhone. (if you look closely you can see it lol)

Day 121 {5.1.2014 Playtime}  Skyler is making Liam and I some delicious lunch!

Day 122 {5.2.2014 Look!}  Look Chloe it's a helicopter!

Day 123 {5.3.2014 Relaxing} Nice relaxing Saturday. Playtime and relaxing time now, 
since we just got home from the movies.

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