Tuesday, November 24, 2015

October Favorites 2015

 First day of school in Kansas 4th grade
 Her bed and room for most of the month of October
 He loves his scooter we surprised him with for his birthday.  I love how much he loves to wear his helmet!  Safety first!
 My little helper!  He loves to help vacuuming!
 Beautiful foggy morning with my beautiful daughter!
Before we got our furniture the counters were our friends for eating meals.
 <3 our new stools!
 <3 his masterpieces!
 Cookie time!
 She is such a little writer!  She is busy typing up a new story on her laptop from school.  Feel bad we still need to get Microsoft word on her laptop.
 Helping mommy hang up his wall decal!
 My turn to clean up!
Chef Skyler!
How did she get so big?
He really does love to vacuum!
 Quiet time in his room!  Liam loves having his own quiet place!
Beautiful evening had to capture it with my daughter.  Love not having backyard neighbors!

 He welcomed us to Kansas!

 My silly boy! <3
 Short break for a snack
 My other silly handsome son!
 So tired! He snuck into my bed!
 Who doesn't love play-doh
 Chef Skyler is making mommy lunch
 Liam <3 puzzles
 Liam and dandelions so adorable seeing him blow them!
 Do you think he loves his new bed?!?
Skyler's apprentince Chef Liam