Tuesday, March 11, 2014

365 Project | Week 10

We are really missing the beautiful weather Hawaii has to offer!  It is the raining season still and so excited for our bright and sunny days to come back!  We haven't even seen a rainbow in a while!  I know I shouldn't complain since many people are still posting pictures of snow, with that being said, I do not miss winters with snow at all!  Regardless if we can go outside or not I have lots of time playing with my babies!

Favorites for March 2 - 8, 2014

Day 61 {3.2.2014 Chubby feet}  I love his little feet!
 Day 62 {3.3.2014  Boys & Cars}  This car of Skyler's is a special car in our household.
Skyler love this car so much!  When I ask him to go get me a car, this is the one he
grabs 90% of the time.  It will always be a special one to me, since my dad gave
it to Skyler when they visited me in the hospital after having Liam.

 Day 63 {3.4.2014 Chunky Legs}  My baby is now a toddler and before I know it, he will be
a preschooler.  I just hope and pray he keeps his baby features a little bit longer! 
Love his chunkiness!

Day 64 {3.5.2014 Pudding face}  Skyler found the Jackpot when he found a hidden pudding cup
in the fridge!  He is such a hilarious little boy!

Day 65 {3.6.2014 Concentration}  Liam played with this toy forever today!  He loved trying to 
figure it out... Mommy helped him a lot to but that's okay.  We had fun.  
Auntie surely did buy a great gift!

 Day 66 {3.7.2014 midnight snack}  Liam realized Mommy forgot to lock the fridge, so he was
in heaven!

Day 67 {3.8.2014 NO MORE RAIN}  Skyler is really getting sick of all this rain.  He is trying to
make the rain and bumblebees go away with his toy drill!  Boys will be boys!

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  1. I love your perspective in the toy car image. Such a special photo for you!

  2. I can't even pick a favorite they are all so great!!! If I had to though Im going to have to pick those chubby little Liam legs!!!! Gorgeous week!

  3. Oh boy, beautiful week even without sunshine! I love that car image, too. Such a great memory to capture!