Tuesday, August 12, 2014

365 Project | Week 32

I'm 32 weeks into my 365 day photography project and 2 weeks ago an amazing group was formed called ~  And then we snapped... It is filled with remarkable and talented women all whom are doing a 365 project!  Continue through this circle and you will be filled with inspiration and wanting to see more next week!  Enjoy! 

My week was very different then many I had.  We had a threat of a hurricane approaching the Island and even though it was forecasted to downgrade to a tropical storm we prepared for the worst!  Luckily, we only experience some rain on Friday and lost power part of the day!  The storms totally missed us!

Favorites for August 3 - 9, 2014

Day 215 {8.3.2014 Naps}  Mommy I don't need a nap!

 Day 216 {8.4.2014 FunLand}  My boys love this place, but who wouldn't!  
Liam feels so big on the horsey!

 Day 217 {8.5.2014}  Silly Silly Skyler! I have captured him a few times chillin this way!

Day 218 {8.6.2014 Stroller ride}  Today I took you guys on a walk!  You need to be outside as much as possible with the storms rolling in soon!

Day 219 {8.7.2014 Smooch}  Liam loves giving his babies kisses!

 Day 220 {8.8.2014 Skyler}  His eyes will make anyone just melt! <3

 Day 221 {8.9.2014 Pretend} So Liam loves to pretend to nap but when it comes to 
Naptime for real he gets really mad!

 Continue on with "And Then We Snapped" Blog circle and see what is new with 
the talented Erin !


  1. All adorable! And, so glad the storms missed you!

  2. My goodness that baby melts me! As always, I love what you do. Just beautiful!

  3. Beautiful work. Your black & white conversions are always so stunning

  4. I love the last image so very much! the smile that says so much about what he is really thinking! Just awesome!

  5. Jenny these are so beautiful!!! Stroller ride -- are you serious?! SO gorgeous. Beautiful week!

  6. I jumped into viewing the blog circle via Mel, my old neighbor in Texas, and ended up in Hawaii with a fellow island photographer! We were so happy the storms missed us, but what a pain to prepare for! Lovely photos--glad you were able to take these.

  7. Love these!! The 3rd one down is too funny and I just adore that 4th one down photo!

  8. lovely week! great perspective on the 'stroller ride' photo & the turtle smock is precious :)

  9. I always love each and every picture you take. You always inspire me.

  10. So glad the storms missed you <3 Beautiful shots this week Jenny!

  11. I looooooove all of these; especially with his shirt pulled half over his head - I almost died from cuteness overload!...so glad the bad storms were not as bad as originally expected!!

  12. I can't keep up with a 365 the further I made was 176 days before I just got overwhelmed with it.

  13. YOu know i'm slightly obsessed with your work!!! Love your week!