Tuesday, March 25, 2014

365 Project | Week 12

I am so excited about this week!  It is Spring break time for Chloe and what a perfect time to make a point to capture just her.  I have a few weeks where Chloe didn't make it into my 365 Project and that really saddens me, so I am so happy this idea came to me.  This week went by too fast and I am more and more looking forward to summer break!  Chloe is growing up so fast and turning into such a beautiful young lady!  Mommy loves you so much!

Favorites for March 16 - 22, 2014

Day 75 {3.16.2014 American Girl Magazine}  Chloe is so excited when she gets a new 
American Girl Magazine.  She loves to make a wish list and decide what new items 
to spend her money on.

Day 76 {3.17.2014 Mornings}  Chloe was a sleepy head and was surprised when mommy 
captured her so early!  Chloe was so happy not to have to be woken up at 6:15am!

Day 77 {3.18.2014 Chloe's drawer} So today I was organizing Chloe's room and this is how
I found her vanity drawer.  This just melts my heart <3!

Day 78 {3.19.2014 Guitar}  I just LOVE hearing Chloe make her own music!

Day 79 {3.20.2014 Bond}  No matter how much she grows, Chloe will always be my baby girl!

Day 80 {3.21.2014 Picture Time}  On our way out the door for some family time Chloe was 
taking my picture.  So what a perfect time for me to whip out my camera.  
Isn't this tiny camera adorable!?!

Day 81 {3.22.2014 Sleeping In}  Chloe stayed up pretty late last night and was clearly too lazy
to pull back the covers when she went to bed.  Spring break is almost over :(  I never miss a
chance to take a sleeping picture of my babies!

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  1. Love your week of just Chloe! She is becoming quite the little lady.

  2. These are such beautiful images of wonderful moments you have captured. And Chloe is gorgeous!

  3. These are so pretty! Beautiful little girl.

  4. The sleeping shot is precious. I should take more photos of my children sleeping.

  5. Great captures! I love the light in her room....what a great set up! :)

  6. Love these! So many creative shots!

  7. These are lovely!! So beautiful and peaceful.

  8. These are FANTASTIC! I love them all - so creative and such perfect ways to capture this age!

  9. I love that first photo! The colors in it work together so well!

  10. What a beautiful daughter you have, I love these! Nicely captured.

  11. Love all of these! She is such a beautiful girl, your images are lovely.

  12. What a beautiful week!!! I just love that you had a week all about chloe what a great idea!