Tuesday, March 18, 2014

365 Project | Week 11

The Sun is back!  So happy to be able to let the kids burn off some energy and caught some beautiful Hawaii rays!  Liam turned 18 months old this week!  Wow 1 1/2 years old already! Seriously how did this happen!

Favorites March 9-15, 2014

Day 68 {3.9.2014 Shades}  Finally a sunny day in Hawaii.  Chloe needed some shades today!
I couldn't resist this shot when I notice her talking to me this way!

Day 69 {3.10.2014}  My baby is 18 months old today!

Day 70 {3.11.2014 imagination}  Skyler really loves to use his imagination when it comes to
building.  First he built this super long horn and then a huge tower house.
(with minimal help from mommy!)

Day 71 {3.12.2014 Smile}  This has to be the most contagious smile ever!

Day 72 {3.13.2014 Relaxed}  Liam found a new comfy spot to watch his morning cartoons!

    Day 73 {3.14.2014 Washing hands}  Even superman loves to have clean hands! Liam has discovered  how fun it is to wash his hands!

Day 74 {3.15.2014 toes}  Something about seeing my daughter sitting this way made me think
of her more as a toddler! She is growing so fast and I wish at times I could just freeze time!

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  1. So much color this week!!! Gorgeous images...I really love the dof in the third image!

  2. Wow totally heading your way! I'm going to follow you blog totally! We still have till the end of the year to head out that way but I'm super excited to be PCSing to Hickam!

    I'm glad you guys are getting some sun!

    I love, love the shot of Liam in the bathroom!

    1. You will love Hawaii! Let me know when you are here I would love to meet you!