Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Trip to White Plains Beach

When my husband was given a short break from training and was able to come home for a few days, we so took advantage of hitting up the beaches.  I am not comfortable going to the beach or even a pool without him.  I need an extra set of eyes and hands with the boys, since they don't realize how dangerous the water really is!  

We went to a new beach that was known for Monk Seals to relax on.  I love Seals and Sea Lions, so I was super excited and hoped and prayed we would see one.  When we got there we didn't see any, but down the beach I did see some large "Rocks".   We played in the sand and some time had passed and I notice hey that "Rock" moved... Then realized those two rocks I saw down the beach were not rocks at all they were Seals! We took a family walk down the beach!  On the way back we found lots of sea glass too! So win win!

"Chloe look over there it's a Blackhawk!"
"I'm mad! They didn't pick me up with the Blackhawk!"
Can't ask for a better way to relax!  Chloe loves to watch the surfers!
"So mommy you are saying I CAN'T eat this rock?"

I'm out of here!
Hawaiian Monk Seal "M&M"

Future Life Guard!  Chloe is holding her new found treasures.
Playing at the beach is very exhausting!
Literally as soon as we got into the car it started down pouring!  We sure were lucky!

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