Tuesday, May 13, 2014

365 Project | Week 19

Favorites May 4 - 10, 2014

 Day 124 {5.4.2014 Innocence} On our way out the door I saw with the corner of my eye how 
you were standing and I made you freeze so I can get a picture. I love, even though you are 8 
and getting older every day, that you still carry around your babies like when you were 2! 
You are going to be such an amazing mother one day! 

Day 125 {5.5.2014 watching}  Liam is having fun watching the birds jumping around on our
tree while waiting for daddy to come back inside.

Day 126 {5.6.2014 Mosquito} Liam got bite by a Mosquito under his eye and it turned into a 
black eye at least it doesn't seem to bother him. My poor baby!

Day 127 { 5.7.2014 Quiet time} I asked Skyler to go have some quiet time in his room and 
when I brought the laundry upstairs this is what he was busy doing...
 I  he has a passion for books already!
Day 128 {5.8.2014 Cars all in a row} I will never understand why boys line their cars up 
& not play with them... Skyler was so proud to show me his line of cars and then we 
played with a separate set of cars lol!

 Day 129  {5.9.2014 Pancakes}  So I was giving Liam a pancake for a snack/treat while I was unloading dishwasher & I just let him walk around with it (something I don't normally do) 
But I thought it would be safe.  Ya lesson learned! Nothing is safe with a toddler.  
But he had fun helping me vacuum up his mess!

Day 130 {5.10.2014 Batman}

Head on over to see what my wonderful & talented friend  Jodie is up to this week!  


  1. FAbulosu week! I love the first image of your daughter and her babies <3

  2. lets try FABULOUS! LOL sorry about the spelling/typing!