Friday, June 6, 2014

Photography My Everyday 5 Day Challenge

So I was given this challenge by a friend.  Challenge was Photograph your everyday for 5 days.  I added a few more than 5 images for some days!  This project was a lot of fun!  I love being a stay at home mom and everyday is a new adventure.  Even if our adventure is just to the store or staying at home in our Pj's!

Day 1 ~ Mornings... Well this isn't a typical monday morning since Chloe is home but the boys don't get the memo to sleep in. LOL! First thing I have to do each morning is rescue Mr. Liam from his bed and change his diaper. This morning he was very lazy if you can't tell! Then it is breakfast time, my boys love to eat breakfast right away of course. I try to get my cup of coffee or tea in while making their breakfast. Today was the first time Liam had milk in his... He loved it! Then afterwards clean up! If not everyday, but every other day I have to mop the floors.   Bad thing about having no carpet!
A job I don't like, but Chloe was so happy to help me!

Day 2 ~ Last week of school for Chloe, and so excited for no more alarm clocks! Bright and early to get Chloe into the shower, normally I don't fall back to sleep since I have to do her hair. Curly hair isn't the easiest thing to manage lol. Since its the last week of school I decided she can take her electric scooter to school vs her bike and you should have seen the smile on her face! I am now on week 3 of T25 and love it! And I know you have heard me say this before... Never a dull moment in my household... Silly Skyler! 

Day 3 ~ Leaving the house. I don't leave the house very often especially when Zack is gone. I'm more than content staying at home but I had to get a few groceries and a small gift for Chloe's teacher. 
So off to Target we go! Sometime while at Target I treat the boys to Starbucks and who doesn't 
love Starbucks! After we got home the boys ate their lunch and I got some nice cuddles from 
Liam before he took his nap!

Day 4 ~ Totally typical day lots and lots of playing! Liam has been trying to show how big he is by eating at the table like Skyler. Our view when we head down the street... and I even snuck in a 
picture while Liam was sound asleep!

Day 5 ~   I completed it yay!!! One thing I really get sad about is when I get into the car and notice I need gas! When Gas cost over $4.10 it gets sad to fill up a Honda pilot, but I was heading to the 
grocery store since we need fresh fruits and veggies so had no choice but fill up. In our house, fruits 
and veggies are always fair game. The kids know if they are wanting a snack they are always 
welcomed to the bowl! On a Hawaii License plate you see a Rainbow and it's because we get to see 
these all the time and I never get sick of seeing them... who would! My kids love to be outside...
One day they will be out playing with mommy always being around!


  1. Jennifer you make Hawaii look so promising! I can't wait to get there! Love this, I'm not sure I could photograph that much in 5 days but it was cool to see it through you!

  2. Love this post. I do hope you will do something like this again!

  3. Beautiful collages...loved seeing your everyday xx