Monday, July 28, 2014

365 Project | Week 30

Favorites July 20 - 26, 2014

 Day 201 {7.20.2014 Waiting}  Off to the grocery store we go! He looks a little worried his 
favorite car shopping carts won't be there!

Day 202 {7.21.2014 haircut soon}  So soon these little locks will be all gone :(

Day 203 {7.22.2014 Short}  So I am finally going to retire these shorts these were Skyler's when he was a baby and Liam already out grew them.  Skyler decided to wear them today, can you believe they are size 12-18 months!

Day 204 {7.23.2014 Cars}  These two are growing into being the best of buds!

Day 205 {7.24.2014 Books} Chloe loves to read and her favorites are books about animals! She is always telling me interesting facts. I can never get sick of hearing... "Mommy did you know..."

Day 206 {7.25.2014 Boat in a Bottle} Skyler  this Ship in a bottle and he knows he can only "play" with it on his bed!

Day 207 {7.26.2014 Cupcakes} After I got my hair done, I spotted these little bakery and surprised my babies with a little treat! They were so yummy!

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