Tuesday, July 1, 2014

365 Project | Week 26

Favorite June 22 -  28, 2014

 Day 173 {6.22.2014 Milk Shakes}  YUMMY! Cake batter Milk shake!

Day 174 {6.23.2014 Old Pictures} Skyler and I enjoyed looking at little Chloe pictures today! 
Skyler was so cute because he kept saying "Baby Me!"

Day 175 {6.24.2014 Drawing}  Liam could sit her and just draw for hours! He will an amazing Artist!

Day 176 {6.25.2014 Bye bye) I think Liam had enough building blocks.

Day 177 {6.26.2014 Cowboys and Indians} Skyler's imagination took off!

Day 178 {6.27.2014 Playtime}  Love watching Liam play.  Everyday it's a different favorite toy
of the day!

Day 179 {6.28.2014 Super Liam}  The Wilkerson household is safe from villains with 
Super Liam on duty!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love the last shot! LOL I have a super hero at home!

  2. I love the super Liam shot! it is my absolute favourite!