Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stories in Seven Blog Circle | April

Can you believe it is April already? Well it's time for another edition of Stories in 7!  

Skyler really helped me with this story this month.  He has been begging me all week to paint and I finally said yes.  You may be asking why do I say no so often? Well, when paint is out it is a lot of work on me (I know how selfish that sounds).  I have two messy little boys and after a while they like to wander off and they don't have a care in the world if they are loaded with paint on their hands and tummies.   When I gave Skyler the thumbs up and let him pull out the paint supplies, he just lit up with excitement and I made a deal with myself to just let them make their messes and let them paint when they want to.  It's all washable anyway!  

Their auntie found these adorable Melissa & Doug paint shirt and brushes, PERFECT GIFT!!!

This is also a special capture for me because the next day was the day we threw the remaining diapers we had in the trash and started Liam on underwear!  NO MORE DIAPERS!!!

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  1. Oh my soul! The colors and clarity and beauty!

  2. Ooooh I love that sweet concentrating face! Beautiful!

  3. I love that diaper shot. So good. And the concentration on you Skyler's face... and his wee lap shirt! Adorable!

  4. Beautiful shots Jenny! I love the look of concentration on Skyler's face <3 And the sweet little mouth in the last shot!