Tuesday, April 21, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 16

Favorites April 12 - 18, 2015

Day 102  {4.12.2015 Crack}  Liam feels very special getting himself dressed and didn't want me to help him finish pulling it up! 

Day 103 {4.13.2015 Details}  Love those little freckles!

 Day 104 {4.14.2015} So today is wacky dress up day and this morning just broke my heart when Chloe said "At least its crazy dress up and no one will tease me with my nose" Over the weekend Chloe scrapped her nose on some rocks while swimming and yesterday at school kids were teasing her! 
frown emoticon Kids can be so mean. Chloe shrugged it off and told me right away and we talked about bullying and teasing. My daughter is such a sweetheart and sucks others have to be rude but she doesn't let the comments get to her she continues to shower them with her kindness and bubbly attitude!

Day 105 {4.15.2015 Popsicle} Someone loved their Spinach and Banana Popsicle! I have to admit so do I lol!

Day 106 {4.16.2015 Suspense} Such suspense watching VeggieTales

Day 107 {4.17.2015 Legos} For the Last two days this is how they spent most of the day!

Day 108 {4.18.2015 Artist}  She loves to draw and design!

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