Sunday, December 6, 2015

Favorites for November 2015

Here are my favorites for the month of November.

Like father like daughter... Both just going around the house with the Halloween pals!  No one said they were only for Halloween!
My Cool Dude!
Making his Christmas List
<3 the rim lighting!
Sun setting
He sure loves being a little ham and playing with his legos!
She was relaxing after practicing her dance routine.  I couldn't pass up this picture!
My buddy and me!  Liam loves his bear "Baby"
Such a boy!
My wonderful babies!
Goofy Liam strikes again!
Transformers have arrived to Fort Riley
I <3 his laughter!
Playing ABC Mouse
Skyler's self made hair do!
My baby wasn't feeling well :(
This boy sure loves Minecraft!

 Our last day in November was a a bit cold but the kids pushed through it and had a blast.  But I didn't last long!

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