Tuesday, February 11, 2014

365 Project | Week 6

Another busy week in our household.  My husband is gearing up to head to the Big Island for training mid week.  I had to make sure everything is all planned ahead of time, so my job is somewhat easier!  Trying to keep the kids busy and distracted with the absence of daddy has been easier than anticipated, so that makes me happy. Crossing my fingers, he is home for Valentine's Day.  Liam also has been a little daredevil and is trying very hard to get out of his crib, luckily I had one for spot left to lower his crib.  Skyler and Chloe never tried to escape.  Hoping and praying I have a few more months before I have to transfer him into a toddler bed!

Favorite images for Feb 2 - 8, 2014

Day 33 {2.2.2014 Clippie} Love it when she wants her hair in little buns. It brings the 
little girl out in her.  Isn't this little clippie so cute. Her auntie spoils her!

 Day 34a {2.3.2014 naps}  My 3 year actually napped today!  He woke up sure early & needed 
a much needed rest!  Mommy got so much crossed off her list when both her boys nap!
So cute how Skyler tucks in his babies!

Day 34b  He is so precious when he sleeps!  Look at those beautiful eyelashes!  
Mommy is so jealous!

 Day 35 {2.4.2014 Rain} "Rain Rain go away don't come back so I can go out to play"
Been raining a lot these past few days.

 Day 36 {2.5.2014 Chopsticks}  <3 this man!  Silly as ever he made us all laugh during 
lunch today!  

Day 37 {2.6.2014 perfect}  Isn't he just so handsome!  He has the best eyes and lips ever!
Of course I'm bias since he's my baby!

Day 38 {2.7.2014 climber}  Mr. Liam is trying to make his escape instead of sleeping!

Day 39 {2.8.2014 ballerina}  Sometimes the best accidents turn out so beautifully! 

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  1. Beautiful week Jenny! The sleeping photos are so relaxing to look at. I love your week!

  2. Love these!!!! I love the way you used light this week and my favorite is Liam trying to get out of that crib and Zack being silly!!!

  3. Jenny, sounds like we have little escape artists on our hands! I hope you have some more time before you have to make the move for him to the toddler bed too! I love that last OOF image. There's so much beauty and grace about it :)

  4. Love the perspective you captured on all these, especially days 34a, 38, and 39. Great job!

  5. These are beautiful images, Jenny! That last OOF one is just perfect!