Tuesday, February 25, 2014

365 Project | Week 8

Been a very busy week!  First my computer went to the shop for some more memory. Which was need very badly!  
Photo Project + No computer = Way behind on pictures!  
But I didn't quit I am slowly but surely getting caught up! Husband has been consumed with work so I have been playing both roles, which I do a lot with being a military wife.  By the end of the day, I am just so exhausted, but seeing these images put a huge smile on my face and makes me so happy doing what I am doing!  One of these days I will start working on the January and February pages for my 365 Photo book!

Day 47 {2.16.2014 Sitting}  I just love how my baby is sitting here.  Before I know it he will 
be all grown up!

Day 48 {2.18.2014 Sleeping}  You will see lots of sleeping pictures of my babies!  I just can't 
resist it.  I understand why my mother always had so many of me.  Skyler looks so peaceful.

Day 49 {2.19.2014 Train}  Skyler can play with his trains for hours!

Day 50 {2.20.2014 Cheese}  I was switching lens today and Mr. Liam came up to me 
with this face!  "CHEESE"
Day 51 {2.21.2014 Groceries}  Sometime I just don't feel like grocery shopping!  I think I 
need to go soon!

Day 52 {2.22.2014 Love}  I love you this much!!!

Day 53 {2.23.2014 Play}  Liam loves our window ledges in the playroom.  He lines up this
animals just perfectly!

Continue on with the circle and see what's new with Jaimi this week!


  1. Jenny I have so many favorites from this week! Love the hug image of Skyler and the colors and perspective in the train image are perfect. :)

  2. Beautiful week as always!!! Love the DOF in the last image!

  3. jsut gorgeous images! I love how you capture all the tiny details of your kids lives!

  4. Day 53 is my favourite! Way to keep up on the shooting and editing...I love seeing your images!