Saturday, February 22, 2014

365 Project | Week 7

Favorites for Feb 9 - 15, 2014

Day 40 {2.9.2014 dressing self}  Silly Skyler decided to get dressed this way today!  
It is so cool to wear underwear, shirts and shorts on your head!

Day 41 {2.10.2014 Mr. Urkel}    I remember my brother doing this when he was little too!

Day 42 {2.11.2014 Sweet little details}  Liam was struggling to take a nap so I decided to 
sneak in a pic before I sang him another song. Love his eyelashes!

Day 43 {2.12.2014 Valentine's}  Chloe is hard at work making her valentine cards.
I love her little tongue she gets it from her grandma!

Day 44 {2.13.2014 brother's car}  Liam must have been dreaming about Skyler's car
because he ran to it once he woke up!

Day 45 {2.14.2014 Dr. Love}  Dr. Love is in the house today!  Happy Valentines Day!

Day 46 {2.15.2014 Curls}  I just love Chloe's curls they are so beautiful! I am also amazed how every day they are different!


  1. Such a fun week!!! I love them all!! My favorite image is the first one with Skyler...shows his personality so much!