Tuesday, April 15, 2014

365 Project | Week 15

Favorites April 6 - 12, 2014
 Day 96 {4.6.2014 Daddy Time}  Liam took a second to see what mommy 
was doing while he was having fun playing with daddy.  Daddy is 
getting ready to head off for training for a few months :(

Day 97 {4.7.2014 Oh man! Life is hard}  Skyler was his hilarious self today.  Not sure why he was doing this but I got a kick out of it!  
The drama of being a 3 year old!

 Day 98 {4.8.2014 Homework}  I just love how hard she concentrates, even
when it is easy as pie!

 Day 99 {4.9.2014 Mr. Trouble}  Liam had a hay day taking all his diapers
out of the entertainment center!  But the good boy he is, he loved
putting them all away!

Day 100 {4.10.2014 I can do it} Today is an emotional day for us.  My 
husband is off to California for training and Skyler is very aware when 
daddy's bags come out means daddy will be gone for a while.  I will
do my best as aways with distracting my babies! 
 Skyler is the man in the house now!

 Day 101 {4.11.2014 PJs}  Are these the cutest PJs?!?

Day 102 {4.12.2014 Archeologist}  My little archeologists.  We bought Chloe
this little kit for christmas you uncover rock treasures.  She is so excited to 
see what she digs up.  She now wants to be an Archeologist when she
grows up.

Check out how Cynthia's  week was, I bet it was amazing!

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