Tuesday, April 8, 2014

365 Project | Week 14

Favorites March 30 - April 5, 2014

 Day 89 {3.30.2014 Bike Ride}  We went for a long bike ride today. It felt so nice! Chloe really loves her new bike. She says she can go so much 
faster now!

 Day 90 {3.31.2014 Chef in the house}  Skyler was my cook today!

Day 91 {4.1.2014 cartoons}  Mommy wasn't feeling well this morning, 
so they enjoyed cuddles and relaxing! 

Day 92 {4.2.2014  Such a boy}  Can't believe I actually captured this.
Just wait till the future wife sees this! 

Day 93 {4.3.2014 Kiss}  Give me a kiss!

Day 94 {4.4.2014 Helmet}  Skyler got a new bike helmet today and talk
about major hit.  He loves it! I have to admit I love it too!

Day 95 {4.5.2014 Hugs}  These two love each other so much!  
They were hugging for a long time. So precious!

Check out how Vironica's week was, I bet it was amazing!


  1. hahahaha I LOVE LOVE LOVE the day 92 image! what a cracker!

  2. Such a sweet week! The boys are so adorable!

  3. Love all the colors this week! Gorgeous!