Tuesday, August 5, 2014

365 Project | Week 31

Favorites July 27 - August 2, 2014

Day 208 {7.27.2014 Shoes} New Shoes Since Chloe starts school this Friday, this weekend was School shopping and what girl doesn't need a few new pairs of shoes!

Day 209 {7.28.2014 music} Chloe loves listening to music and she is testing out her new pair of headphones!

Day 210 {7.29.2014 Naptime} And he sleeps! If you can't tell he LOVES his blankets! 

Day 211 {7.30.2014 New Dolls!} Chloe scored these adorable Sisters and Olaf for only $9.99! That is what happens when people stock merchandise wrong! 

Day 212 {7.31.2014 Sprinker} Last day of summer vacation for Chloe so we had some fun with the sprayer!

Day 213 {8.1.2014 3rd Grade} My Beautiful Third Grader!

Day 214 {8.2.2014 Muscle Man}  Liam is taking some time in his busy schedule to do some weights!

Continue on with the circle and check out the amazing images from Sharyn !


  1. I love how clean and airy your images are!

  2. Love all the details in your images!

  3. So beautiful! I especially love that sweet sleeping little one! DREAMY!

  4. These are gorgeous! What beautiful moments. I feel like we really saw your whole week. I can't decide if my favorite is the headphones or the sprinkler... the colors in both are just phenomenal. xoxo

  5. I love all the different perspectives you had this week! Gorgeous work as always!

  6. I love all of these!That sprinkler shot especially - I die <3 And what a beautiful portrait to mark 3rd grade!!

  7. always love your work and processing! love 'em all, but I can't enough of the baby weight-lifting <3

  8. These are wonderful. I love how much more confidence you seem to have since making CMPro - you're even better than before, and that's saying something. You know I'm a big fan. xxx