Tuesday, August 19, 2014

365 Project | Week 33

Favorites August 10 - 16, 2014

Day 222 {8.10.2014 Haircut}  Chloe loves her new haircut! This was her first time really
wanting it short!

Day 223 {8.11.2014 Lala-Land}  For a little guys who likes to wake up around 6am,
 he sure doesn't look like a morning person! 

Day 224 {8.12.2014 Treat} The joys of a lollipop!  

Day 225 {8.13.2014 Workout time} The boys watched me work out so it was time for them to do the same!

Day 226 {8.14.2014 Puzzles} It is so nice Liam is very content with entertaining himself, since this morning I was busy getting the house ready for guests! He just loves puzzles! 

Day 227 {8.15.2014  Boogie Boarding} Today was the first time Chloe realized how fun the waves really are! She is just like me and loves rolling in the waves!

Day 228 {8.16.2014 Too Tired}  Skyler just was too tired! After his bath and before dinner 
he snuck in a cat nap... Under the kitchen table!

Continue on with the circle and see what the amazing  Shelley is up to this week!


  1. All gorgeous! love that determination you captured of your little doing the puzzle. And, the boogie boarding photo is fantastic!!

  2. Wonderful! A nap under the table - what a great capture!

  3. under the kitchen table, gah <3 <3 <3

  4. beautiful. that beach shot is stunning!

  5. Gorgeous photos!! That one of your daughter in the waves is breathtaking. I love your son's expression in the lollipop photo- so precious!

  6. Awesome week!! I am so in love with the image of your son eating in his superman outfit. <3 So wonderful...

  7. Kids sleep in the funniest places lol! Beautiful week and I just love your dd's haircut <3

  8. I always love everything you do...:) I think my favorite is the beach picture.

  9. Heehee I really love that image of Liam with the sucker! Beautiful week!

  10. That beach shot is beautiful! Wow what an amazing place to live! I love the expression in the second photo down though...that one may be my favorite.

  11. love his lollipop expression but all of your work is gorgeous.