Tuesday, September 16, 2014

365 Project | Week 37

This is a very special week for me... My baby boy is officially a Toddler!  Liam is 2!!! Wow, time really just goes by fast.  Seems like just yesterday, I woke up with the sensation he was coming but past it off as braxton hicks since it was a month early.  But later that evening he made his arrival and joined our family at 6 lbs 12 oz... Doctors were right he would have been a big baby!  I thought a perfect what to celebrated his birthday was to dedicate a whole week of my 365 to just him!  We are celebrating his birthday more when my husband get home so he can be apart of it! So expect some Birthday images in the future!

Favorites Sept 7 - 13, 2014

Day 250 {9.7.2014 And he sleeps} A much needed nap! You know your almost two year old is tired if he crawls into his bed and falls asleep! 

 Day 251 {9.8.2014 Clean up} Mr. Liam cleaning up his artwork! I went upstairs for less then 5 minutes and he made artwork all over the downstairs. At least he enjoyed cleaning it.

Day 252 {9.9.2014 Waiting} Waiting patiently while Skyler has his speech appointment! 

Day 253 {9.10.2014 Birthday Boy} Welcome my precious 2 year old! I stayed up to capture this at midnight when Liam turned 2!

Day 254 {9.11.2014 Teeth Time} Independence!  Liam decided he didn't want to wait for mommy to brush his teeth! He climbed up and did it himself.

Day 255 {9.12.2014 Park}  My boys are so lucky within a block we have 2 parks to choose from and most of the time it is just us!  We take a trip to the park almost everyday! This time Super Liam had to come!

Day 256 {9.13.2014 Bike} Bike time! Liam is just like his daddy he could go miles on this little radio flyer bike!

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  1. Oh the teeth brushing shot!! So momentous, and you captured it perfectly!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE your Liam week!!!! Gorgeous light and amazing colors!

  3. so beautiful. love that you focused your whole week on liam. the color and composition in that hungry caterpillar shot is wonderful and I adore his expression in the last image. great week as always Jenny!!

  4. Oh my GOODNESS. He's adorable!! Awww! Love that first shot. <3

  5. Awww happy birthday sweet boy <3 Love your Liam week - and that shot of him in the sink is priceless!!!

  6. love it! the trike image is so adorable :)

  7. beautiful week!!! so much fun and so much beautiful light!

  8. could he be any cuter??!!! ah!! I ADORE the superman shot, but i also really love the teeth-brushing!! those jammies!!!!