Tuesday, September 23, 2014

365 Project | Week 38

Another glimpse into my everyday!

Favorites September 14 - 20, 2014

Day 257 {9.14.2014 Rocks!} So we are in the yard picking weeds and this is how Skyler does it! They are all his "babies"

Day 258 {9.15.2014 Timeout}  So this is the face Liam gives me when I make him sit in Time out!

 Day 259 {9.16.2014 Hiding!} I wish you could hear the giggles when they were being so tricky hiding from mommy! 

Day 260 {9.17.2014} Relaxed! 

 Day 261 {9.18.2014 Stories}  Deep in thought while telling Liam and I a story. I love hearing his stories and his speech is coming along so I can finally understand most of it!

 Day 262 {9.19.2014 Brothers!} Love seeing the bond these two have! 

Day 263 {9.20.2014 Shopping} And off we go! I have been running a lot of errands lately getting ready for my parents to come! Thank goodness my kids plus the neighbor girl love to shop!

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