Tuesday, October 28, 2014

365 Project | Week 43

Favorites Oct 19 - 25, 2014

Day 292 {10.19.2014 Outside}  PLEASE can I go outside?  Poor baby its been raining all weekend.   He doesn't understand why he can't go outside.  I swear he would play outside rain or shine all day long!

Day 293 {10.20.2014 Coloring}  So coloring is very very hard work!  I have heard of people falling asleep when doing homework but never coloring.  Liam didn't even drop his pencil.  I left him here for a bit before transferring him to the couch.

Day 294 {10.21.2014 Can't see me}  So I'm in the kitchen and I hear Skyler just giggling away.  Then he says "Mommy come find me!" I pretend I don't see him, he thinks he is so invisible!  Baby you are so adorable!

Day 295 {10.22.2014 Off Day}  Just one of those days ... Liam was glued to my leg all day long yesterday! Needless to say we had lots of cuddles! It was a little hard getting the cooking done though.

Day 296 {10.23.2014 Shy}  Mr. Liam was playing shy when I pulled out my camera

Day 297 {10.24.2014 Skinned knee}  Liam is so clumsy.  He has to run every where even though he falls all the time!  But this pirate band aid makes those tears disappear!

Day 298 {10.25.2014 Dentist}  So we were riding the elevator to the kid's dentist office and Mr. Skyler decided he needed a quick rest!  Don't blame him since we had to wake all the kids up early for their 7am appointment!  Bad mommy!

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  1. Love all your perspectives this week! The above on the leg shot is great and so is the sleeping while coloring. So cute!

  2. Such sweet images of your little guy!

  3. Always love your table shots. All are adorable!