Thursday, October 23, 2014

365 Project | Week 42

Favorites October 12 - 18

Day 285 {10.12.2014 Risk}  Skyler was fascinated with the game Risk.  We only have the demo version but still was a lot of fun!  Maybe he will enjoy the board game in a few years!

Day 286 {10.13.2014 List}  Chloe is already working on her Christmas and Birthday List!  We were heading to Target and she just had to bring her supplies!  I love it when she lets me get a quick picture of her before our outing.  Gotta love the outfit she picked out, fits her perfectly!

Day 287 {10.14.2014 I can fit}  Pure silliness! I bought this little basket for laundry and the boys made it a hiding place!  They snatched it so fast when I was done gathering the laundry!

Day 288 {10.15.2014 Faces}  Liam cracks me up all day long with all his expressions

Day 289 {10.16.2014 Partners in crime}  So you see why I always say these two keep me on my
toes!  They were going on a safari hunt!

Day 290 {10.17.2014 Investigating}  Someone was a little unsure of his Annie's Mac and Cheese! Needless to say I won't be buying that for a long time!

Day 291 {10.18.2014 Relax}  It was just one of those days all the kids had to be separated!  Luckily I have two floors so it is easily done!  Chloe loves it when she has a chance to watch one of her shows.

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