Tuesday, December 23, 2014

365 Project | Week 51

I can't believe I'm on week 51!  So love doing this challenge and I love it so much I don't think I will stop.  Come Jan 1st I will do another year of daily shooting my everyday!

Favorites December 14 - 20, 2014

 Do you see what I see? A star, a star, shining in the night. 
With a tall as big as a kite, with a tail as big as a kite.
Day 348 {12.14.2014 Ornament} Liam is just fascinated with this tree and has to discover every ornament.

Day 349 {12.15.2014 Birthday}  Today I celebrated my own birthday!  All week when my wonderful husband asks what I wanted to do for my birthday, I just said nothing.  I don't need a cake either.  Last minute he got me this personal cheesecake... I love cheesecake.  Luckily, I just bought these candles for Skyler's upcoming birthday.

Day 350 {12.16.2014 Letter}  Chloe made her letter today to Santa... I know we are a little late! And it's being sent off in the magical mailbox!

Day 351 {12.17.2014 Relax}   This is how Skyler does quiet time! He loves his tree! 

 Day 352 {12.18.2014 iPad theft} So I'm doing chores around the house and painting a doll bunk bed for Chloe and when I go check on the boys. Only to find Liam was a little swiper and grabbed the iPad to watch Power Rangers... Oh man!

Day 353 {12.19.2014 Bracelet}  A few may know what this bracelet means.  This image is very emotional to me because my daughter's friend and my very close friend's daughter lost her battle with Brain Cancer.  Over two years have passed and my daughter still holds her close to her heart!  On her last day of school before winter break she came downstairs wearing this bracelet and I just cried!   Ava made such an imprint in our lives and never a day goes by we don't think about her. 
 Chloe says Ava is one of her Guardian Angels!

354/365 Not sure what they were playing but Skyler tied himself up and Liam was rescuing him... Gotta love their imagination

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  1. Gorgeous week Jenny <3 The cake shot is perfection, and the bracelet for Ava brought tears to my eyes. Merry Christmas!

  2. Beautiful week! I'd love to be a fly on the wall and watch your boys play some day. They are so adorable!