Tuesday, March 24, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 12

Favorites March 15-21, 2015

I just loved this week because it SPRING BREAK!!!  I just love it when my daughter is actually home!  Starting with Monday, I made a point to capture Chloe everyday since normally it is actually hard to photograph her.  She is a busy busy girl!  Our week was filled with trips to the beach, splash pad and she had her last cheer game!

Day 74 {3.15.2015 Sick} Sickies have arrived in our house. Liam is just miserable, but I'm getting lots of cuddling!

 Day 75 {3.16.2015 Morning}  Let Spring Break begin! Miss Chloe is already enjoying her spring break... Sleeping in till 9am!

Day 76 {3.17.2015 Tired} All the fun she has been having is making her exhausted. She feel asleep watching TV before dinner time.

Day 77 {3.18.2015 Writing} Artist hard at work!

 Day 78 {3.19.2015 Resting}  Soaking up the rays!  

Day 79 {3.20.2015 Walk} Enjoying a peaceful walk on the beach!  This beach is amazing you can walk out forever!!!

Day 80 {3.21.2014 Cheer}  Go Schofield!  Today was our last day.  The season went by fast!

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