Tuesday, March 3, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 9

Favorites February 22 - 28, 2015

Day 53 {2.22.2015 Quiet Time}  Liam was so sneaking and swiped daddy's iPad.  He looked so adorable I didn't have the heart to take it back!  Gotta love his style, he found a Koala hat I crochet for Skyler when he was a baby.

Day 54 {2.23.2015 Morning} Gonna be a BEAUTIFUL day! Somedays are harder than others but when I look around I see beauty everywhere!

Day 55 {2.24.2015 Tired}  Sleep has finally caught up with him.  I recently moved the boys into the same room, since Liam now can break out of his room downstairs and I'm too nervous him being downstairs by himself.. You never know what could happen.  So needless to say, both boys aren't going to bed on time, lots of giggles and playing after bedtime.  Love capturing my babies sleeping!

Day 56 {2.25.2015 Bubbles} We missed Karate today because of sister's eye appointment and I felt so bad I got the boys a little reward today... Who doesn't love bubbles!!!

Day 57 {2.26.2015 Watching}  Gazing out and waiting to leave

Day 58 {2.27.2015 Imagination} Who needs toys! Put a boy outside for a few minutes and the imagination begins! Liam found his sword and had a sword fight with the tree!

Day 59 {2.28.2015 Cheer} Another Saturday another game!  Chloe looks forward to each and every Saturday for her cheer game!  Afterwards, we had lots of errands to run and finding the perfect birthday gift for her friends party on Sunday.

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  1. Chloe sitting at the window - gorgeous <3 Love the bubble shots too, beautiful week Jenny!

  2. gorgeous pocket of light int he gazing outside image! and I love the bubbles!!