Tuesday, March 31, 2015

365 | Project 2015 Week 13

Favorites March 22-28, 2015

Day 81 {3.22.2015 Beach}  Beautiful day at the beach with my beautiful daughter!

Day 82 {3.23.2015 Glasses} Someone found sister's dress up stuff! Thank goodness she keeps her real glasses in a safe place!

Day 83 {3.24.2015 Snack} Liam I guess is babysitting brother's baby because he had to have him at the table at snack time!

 Day 84 {3.25.2015 Artist}  This is why I shouldn't leave the room when Markers are out! Mr. Skyler was very proud of his coloring though and thank goodness it was just on his legs and arms!

 Day 85 {3.26.2015 Hairstyle} She has her own hairstyle... Love it!

Day 86 {3.27.2015 Wrapped up}  Momma's little burritos!

Day 87 {3.28.2015 Easter Party Day} We are all ready to go and still had an hour to spare so perfect time to try and get a picture! LOL I got 3 pictures in I would say this is a keeper!

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