Thursday, November 19, 2015


The big day finally came and it all started early!  We had a taxi coming to bring all 14 a bags to the airport along with my family of 5!  It was amazing it all fit in a mini van, with some of the luggage on top!  We left the hotel around 10am but didn't fly out till around 5pm :(  I wish we could have recorded our struggle with getting everything to the ticket counter, It was quite comical!  I stayed with the unloaded luggage and the boys while Zack rolled the stuff inside and once inside Chloe stood near by.  Surprisingly it didn't take long and once we got to the ticket counter in less than 5 minutes all the luggage and carseats were loaded up!

Now we just relaxed and waited for our time to load the plane.  Chloe read a whole book we had bought her just for the plane.  She loved it so much she couldn't stop.  Skyler and Liam were in love with watching all the plane and they had perfect seats to do so!

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