Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

It has been a while since I've loaded up my blog and feels so good to be blogging again!

I have to admit Halloween was quite different this year. Being in Kansas now versus Hawaii many things are different, but feels more like Halloween in cooler temperatures.  (especially since I grew up in Minnesota) .  The layers had to be applied to keep the babies warm but we lucked out this year and the weather was very nice for us!  Mother nature wanted us to slowly ease into the drop in temperatures.  For Halloween, my husband and I love to take the kids to the Halloween store (Party City) to pick out their costumes.  The excitement of them looking through all the choices is so much fun.  The boys were extremely easy this year, pretty much right away they knew their choice, Darth Vader and Spider-Man, Chloe was a different story.  She first wanted to be a zombie bride, then a vampire princess, but after trying on the costumes she wasn't sold.  Then we found the winner, "Totally Awesome" it's was called!  I totally jumped aboard her costume 80s girl, so much fun with this costume!  

Halloween night we had a blast walking throughout the neighborhood.  The kids running door to door, literally running door to door, we had to tell them to slow down for a bit.  Liam's little legs kept up with Skyler most of the evening! Chloe was a great big sister protecting them both!  I loved hearing their little voices "Happy Halloween, Trick o Treat, Thank you!"  Not to mention the adults reactions to seeing my kids.  A parent never get sick of hearing nice worlds about their babies!  Afterwards, we came back went through the candy and had a piece or two and off to bed!  We have loads of candy, and crazy part is they don't ask for any of it.  They have more fun collecting the candy verses eating it.

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  1. Your photos of the kids are stunning. Mind if I ask what lens you were using??