Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Look who's 8!

Dear Chloe,

Everyday when mommy sees your beautiful face I think to myself where has the time gone!  You are turning into such a beautiful young lady.  When I see your baby pictures, I think to myself wow it seems like just yesterday I was bring you home from the hospital, to having the biggest scare from a false positive on your newborn screen, to driving cross country to our new home in Texas! I could go on and on!  Mommy is so proud of you.  Everyday you surprise me more and more.  When I saw your report card I was just lost for words at how amazing you are doing!  The fact you are reading at an almost 5th grade level and you are reading above 97% second graders nationwide!  Keep up the good work Chloe!  I love when you ask to stay up for a few more minutes to finish the next chapter, even though it breaks my heart when I have to say "No Chloe you need to go to bed".  It tickles my heart hearing strangers say how sweet and polite you are.  You are so sweet and care so much about everyone around you.  I have so much joy in my heart when I see you playing with your brothers and I see how their eyes light up.   I cherish our girl time so much, I hope and pray you never grow out of that!  You are my little shopping partner and who else will I get my nails done with.  8 years ago you gave me the most wonderful gift anyone could ever ask… Being a Mother!  I love you so much and I ask you one thing… "Don't rush on growing up"  Mommy wants you to be her little girl for a long time!



in the hospital 

one week old

 6 weeks old

6 months old

Pictures from her Birthday 

 Right after midnight I snuck in a took a few pictures of my sleeping beauty!

We had a little cake disaster!  Skyler had so much time making it and 
was looking forward to frosting it too, but OOOPS the cake didn't 
come out of the pan… But Mommy to the rescue after a few tears 
I was able to turn the disaster cake into "Olaf"!

Chloe's 8!


  1. happy birthday chloe!!! You have grown into such a beautiful girl!

  2. Happy birthday Chloe! That is amazing how fast they grow! I always miss the newborn stage with those cute sleepy faces. I swear they don't stay little very long.

    I love that even though the cake was a happy mistake it was till enjoyable and fun! That's all she'll remember anyway the very good times she has shared with you!