Tuesday, January 14, 2014

365 Project | Week 2

Another week has gone by.  It's hard to imagine we are already on the second week of January, seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas!  We've been struggling lately with getting everyone back on schedule after the long winter break!  6am alarm clock is not so pleasing to the ears lol!  I sure do miss having Chloe home all day, even though half the day she is running around outside with her wonderful friends.  Atleast, school for her is over at 2:05 everyday :)  This coming week is a very exciting time for our family.  So check back in for a new post soon.

Images from Jan 5 - 11, 2014

Day 5 {1.5.2014}  Chloe has so many options to finalize her outfit of the day.  She is a pure fashionista at heart!

Day 6 {1.6.2014}  Skyler is a boy of many looks & this is one of his signature ones.
"Really mommy really!"

Day 7 {1.7.2014}  All the cool boys carry around 2 cups!  Liam cracks me up with his face expressions!  "Ooooooooo"

Day 8 {1.8.2014} My baby boy has the sweetest eyes ever!  Such a heartbreaker!

Day 9 {1.9.2014} Skyler is such a great big brother! He loves to read books to his brother. This color book must have been intense!

Day 10 {1.10.2014}  They might have their fights but they sure have a very tight bond.  
You can just see the love they have for each other!

 Day 11 {1.11.2014}  Dentist time!  Chloe waiting patiently for the dentist to come 
look at her teeth.  I think she was thinking "please no cavities please no cavities" 
It was a good report! 

 Please continue this circle and check out Vironica's Week!


  1. What a lovely week of images! I love Skyler's "look". They are all so cute!

  2. Such beautiful images this week Jenny!!! I love them all! My favorite is the image of the boys reading together, such a precious moment!

  3. Your kids are so adorable! I adore the picture of the boys reading...such a sweet moment!

  4. Yes, the colors much have been a super intense book! LOL my little one breathes heavy when he is learning something new lol. It's too funny!

  5. Jennifer, I always love your B&W. Beautiful images that really show brotherly love and your little girl is always so adorable - I can appreciate her little fashionista ways :)

  6. I'm enjoying getting to know you and your work Jenni! Love the one of the kids reading and the expression on your daughter's face at the dentist....perfect!