Tuesday, January 28, 2014

365 Project | Week 4

My Favorites for the week of   Jan 19 - 25, 2014

Day 19 {1.19.2014 no more baby food} So I found a jar of baby food in the pantry, 
&  I think some made it to his mouth lol!

Day 20 {1.20.2014} Never a dull moment in my household. I was sneaking up on Skyler 
since he was making puppy noises, and this is what I find!  Silly Skyler!

Day 21 {1.21.2014 Check-up} Today was a busy day at the doctors!  Skyler & Chloe had their 
yearly check ups and both are little shorties!  Chloe sure was fascinated with the images 
of the different body systems.

Day 22 {Liam's daddy bear} Just like big brother Skyler, Liam loves to carry his daddy bear around 
like this little baby! He even took his favorite blanket to sleep with to wrap him up! 
He is such a lover!

Day 23 {1.23.2014 table talk} So how can a mommy get mad when she sees this, 
Skyler and Liam are chit chatting at the table!  Skyler loves this hat.

Day 24 {1.24.2014 Brother love} I can never get sick of taking pictures of their love! 
I just wish I could have captured the laughter that came with this image. 
Love them to pieces!

Day 25 {1.25.2014 Monster high} Isn't this the cutest cake ever! I was so lucky a friend was 
able to squeeze us in a make this beautiful cake! We are ready for a celebration!

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  1. Jennifer, your boys are just so adorable! I love the image of them on the couch - you CAN hear them laughing <3!

  2. I love being able to watch your boys and Chloe through your photography. I adore the image of Liam and his daddy bear. Too sweet!

  3. Awww... your kids are too adorable! I love the one of your boys on the couch!

  4. The last of the baby food - love that you captured that, it's sure to be a sentimental favorite down the road!

  5. Such a gorgeous week!!!! My favorite is Liam with his food!!! I also really love the colors in your cake image!!!